I had to recently rebuild my system, and have kept everything the way it was before. On this machine, I have Win98 with only Gigastudio 160 and Sonar 2XL installed. Nothing else. I have 2 sound cards, a Soundblaster Live for my keyboard midi input and an M-Audio Delta for output from Sonar to GS. I have the M-Audio patched into the Line in of the Soundblaster so I can hear it through my speakers. Now to my problem...

My DSP station only shows one output, whereas before it showed 8 (I believe). If I go into GS settings to change the default midi device to the M-Audio, the DSP will show more outputs, but I don\'t hear anything. If I change it back to the Soundblaster, I hear the audio, but I only get one DSP output.

I had this working before, so I know it can be done. I must be missing something obvious, but I can\'t figure it out.

Any suggestions?
Many thanks in advance!