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Topic: Windows unable to boot up

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    Windows unable to boot up

    My machine has been very stable until today when I decided to change my midi interface. I was using MOTU Flyer. After removing the drivers, I installed the new drivers for Unitor8, my new midi interface. After booting up, Windows refused to start.

    When I did a step-by-step configuration boot-up of Windows and the machine stalled when attmpting to load the GS drivers (VRTKRNLD.VXD). I think the problem is that GS is still looking for my MOTU drivers. How do I solve this problem? Help!!!!!

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    Re: Windows unable to boot up

    Anyone???? [img]/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/confused.gif[/img]

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    Re: Windows unable to boot up

    Try starting in Safe mode and uninstalling both drivers (make sure you get it all). Then see if you can boot. Finally, reinstall the new drivers and connect the interface.

    -- Martin

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    Re: Windows unable to boot up

    Already did. Still the same.

    Is the GS midi settings in the config.sys file? Will altering this save me?

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    Re: Windows unable to boot up

    If you can\'t boot into safe mode, then you\'ll need your Windows disk to boot from. You need to go into the repair options and choose the Recovery Console. Beware that this is like running in DOS. You can then disable the Giga services and then room. See below on how to use the command.

    DisableDisables a Windows XP, Windows 2000 or Windows NT 4.0 system service or a device driver. The disable command is only available when you are using the Recovery Console.

    disable {[service_name] | [device_driver_name]}



    The name of the system service you want to disable.


    The name of the device driver you want to disable.


    The following example disables the Eventlog service:

    disable eventlog


    The disable command sets the startup type to SERVICE_DISABLED for the service or driver you specify.
    When you use the disable command to disable a system service or a device driver, the name of the previous startup type for the system service or device driver will display on the screen. You should write this name down in case you need to restore the startup type to its previous setting using the enable command.
    There are five startup types. The first three, SERVICE_AUTO_START, SERVICE_DISABLED, and SERVICE_DEMAND_START, correspond to the standard startup types, Automatic, Disabled, and Manual, which you typically configure using Services in the Computer Management administrative tool. The last two, SERVICE_BOOT_START and SERVICE_SYSTEM_START, are commonly used to configure the way device drivers load; for example, when the computer is started or when Windows starts.

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    Re: Windows unable to boot up

    I\'m using Windows ME. I can actually boot in safe mode. I did that to disable the midi interfaces drivers. But when I reboot, it hangs. When I did a step-by-step configuration boot, it hangs when trying to load the GS driver VRTKRNLD.VXD. As I said, I think GS is still trying to find my old midi interface drivers. But I can\'t load GS to disable that - in safe mode, GS does not load at all since it\'s drivers are not loaded. And there\'s no other way I can boot Windows in normal mode to start GS.

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    Re: Windows unable to boot up

    [ QUOTE ]
    After removing the drivers, I installed the new drivers for Unitor8, my new midi interface. After booting up, Windows refused to start.

    [/ QUOTE ]

    How did you remove these drivers? Did you run the MOTU uninstall program? Or...Did you go into the control panel of windows and click on Add/Remove Hardware? Or...did you just find the drivers and MOTU folder and delete them?

    Perhaps one of the best ways to get back to where you started is to temporarily reinstall the MOTU Midi Flyer drivers and hardware while in safe mode....reboot....if all comes up like it did before you removed it the first time....use the windows Add/Remove Hardware/Software option to remove the Midi Flyer.

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    Re: Windows unable to boot up

    It is a driver, not a program and hence has no uninstall program. It does not appear in the install/ uninstall program list. Unlike Echo which actually has an uninstall exe program for their drivers, MOTU does not seem to have one (unless I\'m wrong). I merely removed them from the list of devices. Is that enough? I don\'t see any other way of uninstalling them.

    I also removed the Unitor8 drivers - so basically now there should be no midi drivers. But still it does not boot. Hope I don\'t have to reinstall Windows....

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    Re: Windows unable to boot up

    I am running Windows XP Pro, not ME....but in my add/remove programs list in the control panel, there is an entry for MOTU Midi.

    In windows....if you just delete files, you run into problems, because everything that uses that file still has instructions to point to where the now deleted file use to be.

    If you right click on My Computer.....click on properties......and go into your device manager. There is a list of all your hardware devices, listed by category. There should be category for \"Sound, video and game controllers\" (or something similar). If you expand that category tree, there should be a listing for \"MOTU Midi device\". Right click on that and select uninstall. If that option does not appear in Windows ME....right click and select properties. On the Driver tab, there should be an uninstall button there. But, it can\'t uninstall the driver AND all of its linked references if it is not there. The unintall procedure will fail.....which is why I mentioned that you might have to reinstall the MOTU stuff (in safe mode if you have to)...just to get back to the point where you can uninstall everything from the device manager.

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    Re: Windows unable to boot up

    That\'s exactly what I did, except that in Windows ME, the tab does not say \"Uninstall driver\" but \"Remove driver\".

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