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Topic: Preview of the GRAND OLD LADY

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    Preview of the GRAND OLD LADY

    Recently I discovered a wonderful old Steinway D (model 1923) in perfect condition in the UK.
    The piano is equipped with an incredible mechanic action system that activates each key with a amazing precision. This results in a very even velocity response across the keyboard range for each velocity layer. The editing and pre-beta took me only 3 weeks since all recordings were automated by special software. The preview clip below is made with a 24 bit version with 10 velocity layers (10 pedal up and 10 pedal down), separate release layer, pedal activation noise and room IR. This setup is in beta, some weird things still happen here and there and additional body resonance will be added later but the clip gives a rather nice impression of the sound of this piano.
    And I like it a lot...
    I can not tell anything about availability, prices, software etc at this point, so please don\'t ask. More info will be announced soon.

    The Old Lady preview

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    Re: Preview of the GRAND OLD LADY

    And in case anyone wants to compare his piano with this one, here is the standard midi file that I used to make the clip.
    Adagio Cantabile Midi

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    Re: Preview of the GRAND OLD LADY

    I\'ve listened to this demo and compared the midi file w/other libraries (thanks for providing it, it\'d be cool to have it more often). That\'s a very lovely grand dame! I like the sounds of it. I\'ll save questions for later. I\'m looking forward to learning more. [img]/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/cool.gif[/img]


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    Re: Preview of the GRAND OLD LADY

    Sounds really good Michiel!

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