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Topic: OT: Techniques for Sampling "Streetsounds"

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    OT: Techniques for Sampling \"Streetsounds\"

    Hello everyone:

    Slightly off topic but i thought i might take advantage of your collective know-how:

    I need to search and obtain samples of specific city sounds (subway trains passing by, traffic, cars passing over manholes... etc.) to fold them into a soundtrack for a documentary film. I will be using Kontakt as my main sampler for this.

    I was wondering what the best (and most portable) recording system would be. I need to walk around with it and capture sounds on the fly: in other words
    I am looking for a good sound quality/portability compromise solution here.

    Any suggestions would be most welcome

    many thanks in advance


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    Re: OT: Techniques for Sampling \"Streetsounds\"

    A minidisc recorder with a Rode NT4 stereo microphone would be a good solution.

    I prefer Sharp recorders. You could buy the mic and a good recorder for about $500 or less. If you want a little higher quality, get a Denecke AD-20 digital preamp to use with the NT4. For street sounds, though, it probably won\'t make a significant difference.

    -- Martin

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