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Topic: Big Band Brass Samples

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    Big Band Brass Samples

    Other than QL Brass, is there anything out there besides real guys that can help with this Broadway show brass stuff? Would VSL? I have QL but am wondering about what else is out there...


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    Re: Big Band Brass Samples

    come one Tom, you know what a search for \"big band\" will do for you.

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    Re: Big Band Brass Samples

    Well, GPO is working on a big band update, but Lord knows when it will be available, or if it will really do the job.

    I\'m hoping.


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    Re: Big Band Brass Samples

    Yeah, I was being lazy, sorry. Gotta do those searches...

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    Re: Big Band Brass Samples

    The old Roland Orch. S700 series lib has some good Big Bandish tpt shakes, doits etc that I still use. Also, the discs \"Killer Horns\" and \"Phantom Horns\" have small section phrases, swells but they add alot of funky realism when layered with a MIDI/sampled horn arrangement.


    John Z.

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    Re: Big Band Brass Samples

    Just for fun checkout the demo of Korgs PA1 keyboard on their website.
    I heard it a an Audio expo, I really thought a (real I mean) band had turned up. It was being played by a real musician, not some garage loop drum\'n bass merchant in shades. This guy knew how to make this keyboard work, no flashy licks or fx, just pure technique and musicianship with an awesome piece of kit. What you might think would take some time to set up and sequence, he was playing live. Granted, its all hardwired in (I suppose), but goes to show what can be done.

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