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Topic: Dummy PC/Giga Question

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    Dummy PC/Giga Question

    I just got a new PC today because I wanted to run Giga and Gold.

    I\'m a Mac guy, but used to use Giga so am not completely new to it.

    I use Pro Tools on the Mac, and Pro Tools sequencer.

    The PC is just a sound device, I do no sequencing or recording on it.

    OK, so after all day of loading sounds I\'m finally ready to see if everything is working.

    I open QLSO Gold, enable a midi track on my Mac in PT, and voila! I hear it, so MIDI to Kompact and audio from the Wavecenter SPDIF is getting back to my Pro Tools rig. So far so good.

    Now I close QLSO, open Giga, and .....nothing.

    Even playing the onscreen keyboard in Giga....no sound.

    I\'ve checked the sample rate in Giga, I\'ve checked that it is seeing the Wavecenter card, still no sound. What dumb thing am I forgetting...or doing wrong...? Any ideas?

    Thanks for any help. And apologize for asking a tech question in the SAMPLE LIBRARY forum, but I know a lot of you use Giga, and QLSO, Macs, and PCs.

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    Re: Dummy PC/Giga Question

    [ QUOTE ]
    Even playing the onscreen keyboard in Giga....no sound.

    [/ QUOTE ]

    I assume this means you\'ve verified that Giga is receiving the midi messages? I have Giga set to use Maple Tools and if I don\'t open Maple, Giga won\'t receive anything.

    You double-checked that Giga is routing the audio to that computer\'s outs?

    You have GSIF drivers installed?

    It seems that it has to be either your midi or audio settings in Giga.

    If it\'s not that, and you\'re completely 100% positive, I guess I\'d start looking at drivers. You\'re using SPDIF. Does that have to be synced? It could be a clock thing too.

    I\'m just throwing out suggestions.

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    Re: Dummy PC/Giga Question


    I had similar problems. I reinstalled and updated the sound card driver and that fixed it.

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    Re: Dummy PC/Giga Question

    Thanks guys. It was just a dumb thing...I didn\'t realize that Giga considered the SPDIF outs to be 8-9 or whatever, rather than 1 and 2 on the Wavecenter card. Duh.

    And the MIDI problem just went away by itself, which is really spooky.


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