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Topic: No MIDI input in Gigastudio

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    No MIDI input in Gigastudio

    If anyone has any suggestions about this problem I would be very very grateful. I just bought a new machine and installed Giga on it. I am using a MIDISPORT 4x4 interface and a Gina sound card. The problem is that Giga absolutely refuses to get MIDI input. I have set everything up fine in settings, I have reinstalled Giga many times, and I have downloaded the latest drivers for my MIDI interface. I know that USB is not the preffered way to go but it should still work. I am at a loss what else to do with this. I just bought Opus 1 and I want to write some music! Thanks, any help would be fantastic.


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    Re: No MIDI input in Gigastudio

    I heard that one version of the Echo (that would Gina) drivers caused Giga to not work. You might try going back a version or two if all else fails. If I think of anything else, I\'ll let you know.


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    Re: No MIDI input in Gigastudio

    I think its a Gina problem. I had the same problem with gina and several Midi interfases on AMD Mobo. Running gigastudio with the same midi interfases and delta 44 there was no problem on this PC and 2 different PC´s.
    One constant problem is trying to use 48K. With 48k selected, I loose my midi inputs!!!!


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    Re: No MIDI input in Gigastudio

    Are the Midi Ports grayed out? By midi ports, I mean the 1 2 3 4 under the little keyboard near the bottom left. If so, you need to do this fix.

    Start | Run \"regedit\". Go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\\SOFTWARE\\Microsoft\\Windows NT\\CurrentVersion\\Drivers32.

    (This is the location in Windows 2000. Windows XP is probably similar; I don\'t know for sure. Windows 98/ME will be different; just search on \"gmidi.dll\".)

    Delete all the blank MIDIx entries. Delete \"MIDI10 gmidi.dll\". Make a new entry, \"MIDIx gmidi.dll\", where \"x\" is the next available number. (That is if drivers are using \"MIDI\" and \"MIDI1\", use \"MIDI2\".)

    You\'ll also see a lot of blank \"Wav\" entries. Delete those for good measure.


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    Re: No MIDI input in Gigastudio

    Don\'t know if you\'ve solved this problem....but try disabling hyperthreading.
    I had a similar prob using Giga and Sonar 2 w/ layla card.

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