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Topic: Overture SE crashes exporting midi files

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    Overture SE crashes exporting midi files

    I\'m using overture SE 3.6 with GPO studio and I would like to export what I did (with all the expression, crescendo and so on) in a midi file to work on my piece on logic express to use more instruments with the freezing function.
    The problem is that when I try to export a fie in midi it starts working and a certain point it crashes.
    Is there anyone having the same problems?
    I\'m working on mac OSX 10.3 with I think the last overture update.

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    Re: Overture SE crashes exporting midi files

    If someone could help me I would really appreciate.
    I putted my overture files in


    and you can download them using the right button of the mouse ad do a save as.
    If you succeded in convert them please send them to me at corradin@uclink.berkeley.edu.
    I would like to \"play\" with them on logic express tomorrow and next week
    thanks a lot

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    Re: Overture SE crashes exporting midi files

    Hello, CRR...

    I tried to open them in Windows but could not.
    I thought .OVE files were supposed to be cross-platform??


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    Re: Overture SE crashes exporting midi files

    thanks alot snorlax for your help. It\'s a big problem if it\'s impossible to move them from mac to pc and the export function doesn\'t work.
    thanks again, i hope someone with the full version has time to try them.

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