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Topic: GPO Steinway demo

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    GPO Steinway demo

    Hi everybody, new poster here.

    I purchased GPO recently at about the same time I finished a piano transcription of Duane Allman's Little Martha (originally performed on two acoustic guitars), so I thought I'd take the GPO Steinway for a spin.

    Needless to say, I'm VERY pleased with the results...kudos to Gary!

    Little Martha

    This is being driven straight from Overture, sweetened with the included Ambience Reverb. The combination of GPO and Overture's midi editor is unbeatable! I'd been using Finale since at least 1997, but its midi editor is approximately useless. I never knew what I was missing until working with the bundled Overture SE software.

    So far, as a note/score processor, Overture is pretty good, my main issues are the following:

    - complex rhythms are pretty hard to get across, if at all, i.e., tuples within tuples.

    - articulations aren't very sticky, especially where ledger lines are concerned (even when there are as few as one or two ledger lines). The articulations often get lost or worse, attach themselves to another instrument in another staff. Finale has a similar problem with articulation placement, but not nearly quite as severe. I suppose one could resort to ottava markings, but some instruments, e.g. tuba, traditionally never use them. Also, resizing measures causes a lot of articulation slop, so it's best not to enter articulations until the whole page is pretty much locked in. I haven't tried it yet, but I would assume part extraction would suffer from the same problems with lost articulations.

    - likewise, the copy function has some odd results because of the wayward articulations. It appears that some articulations become attached to adjoining staves, thus causing the copy function to push the 'copy to' destination up or down a staff instead of where one is trying to copy.

    Yet, all in all, Overture is miles ahead of Finale in stability and ease of use, probalably at least in part because they're starting from a much cleaner code base. If Geniesoft could fix these problems, they and GPO have a real winning combination on their hands.

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    Re: GPO Steinway demo

    I REALLY enjoyed that Darwin. I don\'t think I have heard the original guitar duet but it has come across really well to solo piano. .....It kind of reminds me of some of Jeanne Michel Jarres pieces......I particularly enjoy the main them that the piece returns to.

    What a fantastic piano to have included in GPO....so warm and rich, yet sparkling in tone.


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    Re: GPO Steinway demo

    Cool! As an Alman fan from yesteryears that was interesting to hear on piano! Nice work. [img]/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/wink.gif[/img]

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