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Topic: Volume reset to zero everytime I reload a piece

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    Volume reset to zero everytime I reload a piece

    Everytime I reload a piece in SONAR, I have to go to each individual instrument and increase the voume. Everytime I reload, volume is reset to zero. Is there a GPO fix for this or is it just SONAR?

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    Re: Volume reset to zero everytime I reload a piece

    Always record volume levels at the beginning of each track with the modulation wheel or a slider programmed to CC1. Sonar will then remember them. Once you get in the habit of doing this you will find your levels are always correct. I ride CC1 constantly for good expression.

    I rarely ever change the volume control (CC7) in GPO except to raise the basses and cellos a little bit. These changes are made in the GPO VST and remembered the next time I load in the song.

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    Re: Volume reset to zero everytime I reload a piece


    Just to clarify a point. When you are controlling \'volume\' in GPO, be sure you are using the modwheel CC:1, not CC:7. The volume knob on the kontakt player is hardly ever touched (as Haydn pointed out) except in rare cases. When you first load an instrument, by default CC:1 is set to zero (why should it go to a different value?).

    Just make sure you record some modwheel data in your midi track. Also, be sure to set a modwheel value close to the start of the piece. If you have empty cc:1 space for a few measures at the start of a piece, when you load that piece at a later date, those empty measures (from start up to the first cc:1 value) will have cc:1 = 0 because the instruments default to cc1=0 [img]/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif[/img]

    I hope that makes sense, sorry if I over-worded it. The point is to make sure you record a cc:1 value at the start of (or before) your first note-on of your track.

    - Junk

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