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Topic: Linking GOS Lite to Overture like GPO

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    Linking GOS Lite to Overture like GPO

    I tried Overture for the first time this weekend and Wow! My music has always been at best ambient. One layer on top of another layer played on the keyboard. Always the same key and never caring about the metronome. I created some completely different songs this weekend with Overture (at least small parts). The amazing thing is that they were real songs with parts that repeated and everything! Thank heaven for cut and paste!

    They sounded better in Overture then when I imported the midi into Sonar 3P. I guess I just need to get the settings right.

    My question is I love the way GPO integrates into Overture. You can put keyswitches, expressions, and dynamics in the score. Is there a way to do this with GOS Lite using one of the available samplers? I would love to have the same control.

    FYI for the question above.
    I started with Gigasampler (the regular version). When I upgraded to XP and they dropped it I decided I was through with them. Then I purchased Halion 1. I know how to use it pretty well (megatriggers and such). Now I have Vsampler with Sonar 3P (not very intuitive but just starting). GPO is so attached to Kontakt (I am trying the demo). I have libraries in Akai, Giga, and Halion.


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    Re: Linking GOS Lite to Overture like GPO


    You would use GOS in a sampler the same way you would use GPO with GPO Studio. The sampler will expose midi ports to the operating system which will be seen by Overture. Just use those for the string instruments and you will be playing strings with Overture. Cool huh?

    -- Martin

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    Re: Linking GOS Lite to Overture like GPO

    That is cool! I will need to research it a little. It\'s great to know it\'s possible.

    Thank you so much Martin


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    Re: Linking GOS Lite to Overture like GPO

    Now I really can say Cool Martin!!! I got it to work so I now have GPO and GOS working in Overture. since I\'m using VSampler I will try loading Diva and SOV next. I also learned (probably old news to many) that I can have all the instruments in say GPO Studio 1 loaded with Violins and switch between Instruments and Keyswitches all on one track!

    Now I just need to create instrument definitions for GOS, Diva, and SOV [img]/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/shocked.gif[/img] and I\'m good to go!

    Thanks again Martin,

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