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Topic: Steph's theme (my first original GPO piece)

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    Steph\'s theme (my first original GPO piece)

    Hi All !

    Allthough I said I would do some more mockups first, I decided to give GPO a go, writing an original piece. It\'s a cute little theme for my 8 month old son.
    It\'s my first try in writing something for orchestra, so please... be gentle [img]/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/ooo.gif[/img]

    <font color=\"brown\"> Steph\'s Theme </font>

    Enjoy ! (I hope)


    Coming up next: something Zimmeresque

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    Re: Steph\'s theme (my first original GPO piece)

    Very nice job, Ron. It\'s a beautiful piece.

    My only suggestion would be to consider a bit more use of dynamics. It seems to be about the same level all the way through.

    I will look forward to hearing more of your work.

    -- Martin

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    Re: Steph\'s theme (my first original GPO piece)

    How\'s this for being gentle? I LOVE IT! YOU\'RE ON YOUR WAY MAN!
    As a dad of six I know what you\'re thinking here. It brought me back to when my oldest son was 8 years old.
    Very nice indeed I wouldn’t change a thing. Two thubs up!

    Hey guys, where\'s the thumbs up graemlin when you need it? [img]/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/cool.gif[/img]

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    Re: Steph\'s theme (my first original GPO piece)

    Very nice and very \"childlike\".

    I think the composition has a very good quality throughout. A gentle building midway that maintains your original innocent theme very well.

    The only thing that jarred me was the harp gliss. You can get it so that it glisses in the key you are in very easily. Just go in and transpose it to the key you are in and it will fit in better.

    There are also a few flute \"appagatoura\'s\" (suspensions) that are not supported with your inner voices.

    Other than that a very well crafted number.

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    Re: Steph\'s theme (my first original GPO piece)

    I love it Ron. Makes me think of my 14 yr old daughter when she was a baby. Seems like yesterday. Very soothing.

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    Re: Steph\'s theme (my first original GPO piece)


    Excellent composition and very effective. I like how you delicately weaved the instrumentation. At no point does it loose it\'s simplicity and tenderness.

    I hope you and Steph don\'t mind if this gets posted on the GPO site.

    Gary Garritan

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    Re: Steph\'s theme (my first original GPO piece)


    You said enjoy...and I surely did. I love this sort of stuff. On one hand I love the innocence, the warmth and sweet theme, which can be related to your baby as you suggest. Lovely inspiration.

    Listening again it can also be joined with young adult love, I think. This is also idealistic and pure, animalistic yet tender….full of hope.... and your theme fits equally well here.

    I love the Mozartarian ‘sonata in C’ pitter patter of rain drops, type beginning with the high held strings note, and the change to the warmth of the centre section with its slightly changed theme variation.

    I really would like to see pieces like this in as a sort of pop, classical style music. I’ve said this before, using Nhick Ramiro Pacis’s ‘Giliw_Ko’ as another (but not only) example of short pieces heard here which are easily listenable to when you’re driving along in your car. This isn’t to demean the pieces whatsoever, in fact to the contrary. There’s a place for everything. (almost)

    I’m convinced that there is a market there for this sort of stuff. I mean it’s like pop music. Some of the earlier stuff was only 1 1/2 min long up to, say, three or four inutes max. I just love the immediate gratification of pieces like this. I don’t (always) want to wade through a half hour of, let’s say, crap… in order to get to the good bit.

    Music of this sort needs the theme, which is repeated so that the listener picks up on it quickly and can hum along to it before it ends. It’s not easy….it’s deceptively difficult to get this right; otherwise everyone would be writing great popular pieces.

    The specification is that the tune has an instant hook, some repetition of (what would be the chorus in a pop piece) the theme and be between 1.5 – 3.5minutes long.

    When I collect enough I would like to approach our Classic FM station (with the composers’ permission, of course) to see if we can’t nag them into some sort of half hour programme of new pieces.

    I would equally like to hear more percussive 20th century pieces in this format. There is no style limit.

    Brilliant. Deserving of a home on Gary\'s site.


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    Re: Steph\'s theme (my first original GPO piece)

    What a sweet little piece. I only wish I had more time to exclaim about it. As has been said, it brings back the tenderness of holding my little guy, but then he just walked in and jarred me back to reality that he’s now 26 but still needs to borrow some money. [img]/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/confused.gif[/img]

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    Re: Steph\'s theme (my first original GPO piece)

    I enjoyed listening to this one. It\'s a pleasant break of a stressful day; somehow it makes life seem a bit easier... thanks for sharing!

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    Re: Steph\'s theme (my first original GPO piece)

    Steph\'s Theme is simply delightful. I felt as if I was watching a child grow up - a time of innocence and adventure, full of promise and hope. I think you captured it all very well. Thank you for the gift. It was beautiful!


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