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Topic: Russian Piracy Site!! Attention Fellow Developers

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    Russian Piracy Site!! Attention Fellow Developers

    Dear fellow developers,

    Please email us admin@beladmedia.com for the link. This site was found via our web hits. Our products are being sold here and this company is NOT an authorized vendor of our products. We assume you they are not an authorized dealer for your products as well.


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    Re: Russian Piracy Site!! Attention Fellow Develop

    Little you can do against operators in those countries. Thats why they continue to exist. [img]/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/frown.gif[/img]

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    Re: --

    I know it hurts...
    I passed his info on to the SIAA. Let\'s hope this site goes off-line asap!

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    Re: --

    Great. Thank you for the email.

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    Re: --

    The hidden agenda of many of these piracy sites is twofold: to capture the personal information of those purchasing for identity theft, and to sell products illegally. You cannot contact them by telephone. Who\'s to say that you\'ll get anything at all (other than your identity stolen) and them getting paid for the privilege?

    Buyer beware! If you don\'t mind having your identity stolen and to purchase pirated titles that you may never get, go right ahead.

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