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Topic: Voice Dropout

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    Voice Dropout


    I have a session with seven instances of Kontakt and a decent amount of samples loaded - GPO, Scarbee Bass, and Reason stuff. I\'m using PT LE 6.1.1 on a PC, P4 2.53 GHz 1 GIG ram. Everything is playing and working fine in the session; however, when I bounce to disk, some of the samples on the bounced version are cutting in and out. Does anyone know what could be causing this? Thanks.


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    Re: Voice Dropout

    Can\'t help you with your issue but I have something similar going on with a single instance of Kontakt 1.5 in either Cubase SX 2 or V-Stack, running on a P4 2.0, Audiophile 2496 card, 1.5 GB RAM. With the either the Bardstown Bosendorfer or converted Gigapiano 2, some notes are truncated regardless of the DFD settings, etc. I first noticed this while playing fairly quick gospel passages with octave bass and descending right hand progressions (like the lick in Bill Preston\'s \"Will It Go Round in a Circle\"). Played quickly, that kind of progression seems to cause Kontakt to crap out, simply cutting off notes in the passage, before I even play the next one. Let it rest for a couple of seconds - we\'re fine, until the next use of something similar. Wierd. Doesn\'t seem to be an issue with HALion. Any clues? Maybe something funky with Kontakt that also relates to the topic problem...


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