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Topic: Midi CC

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    Midi CC

    Can somebody post the list of Midi CC\'s for GPO?
    For instance in the manual we can read that for alternating bowstrokes you use pedal up and pedal down. What is the CC for pedal up and for pedal down?



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    Re: Midi CC

    pedal up and down are on controller 64. Pedal down is cc64=127 (on). Pedal up is cc64=0 (off).

    I thought the list was in the manual?


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    Re: Midi CC

    I don\'t think it is in the manual. But anyway, there\'s also CC# 22-24, which control the Alt and Portamento functions. Can\'t remember specifically which is which, but it\'s been posted here many times, so a search for \"CC\" would probably bring it all up.

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    Re: Midi CC

    Actually... it IS in the manual.... look at page 10 and page 41.
    Nothing on the Pedal up/down though...

    Ron [img]/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif[/img]

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