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Topic: Sounds, not Loops!!!

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    Sounds, not Loops!!!

    Hello all,
    I\'m putting my shopping list together and I\'m stuck for drum sounds. Everywhere I look I see CDs with loops instead of sounds.

    I prefer to do my own grooves, thank you.
    Any suggestions?


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    Re: Sounds, not Loops!!!

    Try Drumkit From Hell. It has both Jazz & Rock kits, both close and far miked, in multiformat. There are also two newer versions.


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    Re: Sounds, not Loops!!!

    This is not the best place on NS to ask it...but try Stormdrum(that is not for GS)!!!

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    Re: Sounds, not Loops!!!

    Stormdrum contains mostly loops, from what I understand.

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    Re: Sounds, not Loops!!!

    [ QUOTE ]
    Stormdrum contains mostly loops, from what I understand.

    [/ QUOTE ]

    No, it has a loop section but loads of multisamples as well. Its not like Percussive Adventures.

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    Re: Sounds, not Loops!!!

    Stormdrum comes with Kompakt and Intakt player...Intakt is for the loops and Kompakt is for the \"one shot\" percussion...It´s simply great!!!

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    Re: Sounds, not Loops!!!

    Ok...but not assuming he needs orchestral percussion or ethnic percussion, I would recommend DFH.

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    Re: Sounds, not Loops!!!

    I was thinking about buying the storm drum library. But, does it work with gigastudio? and if so, how would I encorporate those sounds with a gigastudio setup? The .mp3 demos sound amazing and want the godzilla drums! [img]/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif[/img]

    Also, I thought DFH was basically a rock drum set. Not a ethnic percussion set. Maybe I need to look into it a bit further.


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    Re: Sounds, not Loops!!!

    Stormdrum does not work on GS...It comes with its own kompakt player!!!

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    Re: Sounds, not Loops!!!

    Make sure to check out Scarbee\'s Imperial Drums as well!


    Very nice demos.

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