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Topic: New piece....comments?

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    New piece....comments?

    Yay, another ROCK SONG! My friend and I created this piece to a score I\'m working on for a friend in L.A. It\'s a cheesy, 80\'s, campy style feeling short film. We tried capturing the moment, er....whatever. Comments on mixing, sampling, overall appeal, etc welcome! I don\'t normally make a bunch of rock tunes, but when I do, damn I\'m havin fun! Props to Abram for the guitar work.


    Jared Hudson [img]/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/cool.gif[/img]

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    Re: New piece....comments?

    Sounds good, I really like it! What\'s live and what\'s sampled? It all sounds very well done.

    Exccelent, congrats!

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    Re: New piece....comments?

    hehe sounds cool, but the sounds are very bright and nearly scratchy.

    it little bit hard for the ears but it really has this 70-80 rockrecording feeling, also the panning, did you do that on purpose that the guitar is only left ?

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    Re: New piece....comments?

    Good work. It flows... what samples didja use?

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    Re: New piece....comments?

    Sound good

    Perhaps cut another rhythm track and send that to the right channel .... have it comp the other track (ala Keith Richards) the panning makes it feel very unbalanced ..... also, the verb tails get a little mushy, try a gated verb on the snare to retain the wetness and cut down on the tail .... if you have a room mic option for the overheads, use that rather than drenching them with more verb. maybe eq a little more snap into the snare.

    Seventies rock was very dry and very compressed, keep that in mind.

    The lead part sould be a little more up-front .... try a time synced delay rather that a really wet verb, this way you can work more with the placement and still give it life.

    Bass track doesnt seem to be in the pocket with the kick/snare ... maybe have a look at that.

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