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Topic: GOS for Kontakt

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    GOS for Kontakt

    I\'m a Kontakt user who is about to upgrade to the full Garritan Orchestral Strings library. I know that I can use Translator to make it work within Kontakt. HOWEVER, Can anyone tell me how well that will work? Will all, or even most of the original functionality be available within Kontakt (specifically alternate up and down bows but other stuff too)???

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    Re: GOS for Kontakt

    sing Kontakts internal conversion options and makign sure you\'re using Kontakt 1.5.2 should make for a pretty flawless conversion of GOS.

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    Re: GOS for Kontakt

    Thanks, King for the reply. I guess I\'ll take the plunge. Anyone else willing to weigh in on this?

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    Thumbs up Re: GOS for Kontakt

    It works really well! Make sure you do use Kontakt's own converter and not something like CDXtract or Chicken Systems. They unfortuantely don't get the job done right. Maestro/Maple Tools does work, but is a bit tricky. K.I. once shared the setup for that and it works well. Basically you have to set up two midi tracks and yada yada ya. If you need help with that let me know. (It is so much easier using GOS on Kontakt!)

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    Question Re: GOS for Kontakt


    I've noticed that when converting GOS to Kontakt that the EXP instruments in Kontakt are not as smooth as they are in giga. Has anybody else noticed this?

    What steps can be takin to remedy this?


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    Re: GOS for Kontakt

    I have played GOS2 in both Kontakt and Halion3, so much better than than the Giga version. But then GOS2 is 24 bit.


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    Question Re: GOS for Kontakt

    Umm... GOS2? Are you testing an unreleased beta version? I wasn't even aware that project was finished! Isn't that going to be in Kompakt format?

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