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Topic: Modulation lamentation

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    Modulation lamentation

    Anybody else using Cubase VST32 5.1r1?

    The mod value of a track just won\'t stay put when playing (seems to happen more frequently when there are more tracks). First it was resetting itself to zero; I hoped that was fixed when I added a mod message with value of 127 at the end of each track.

    Now, the darn thing is jumping to 127 instead. It is driving me BANANAZ! The machine seems to be fond of doing it in the middle of pianissimo passages, to add insult to injury.

    Any suggestions? (Yes, the \"Chase events\" option is on)

    Cheers, Azi

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    Re: Modulation lamentation

    dude, i know this might not be the best answer, but you are using indeed a very old nearly relic version of cubase,

    try upgrading to cubase sx 1 or 2, so you\'ll have an automation controller where you can control the volume not over midi, but directly to the vsti instrument or sampler. this is much easier than give midi-volume commands.

    the main problem i think is on long notes, because the controller doesn\'t react during the long note is played, but just on the next note. so you would get a big jump.

    i hop ei am tellin no shitt here [img]/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif[/img]

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    Re: Modulation lamentation

    GPO is supposed to react to modulation MIDI msgs, not automation (that\'s the way everybody else does it), and I\'ve never heard or experienced the long note problem you mention

    How does SX work for you, by the way? The talk about bugs and \"poof\"s in the Cubase forums is kinda scary [img]/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif[/img] Old version was fine with me up until this problem, so I\'m hoping there\'s a workaround..

    cheers Aziraphal

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    Re: Modulation lamentation

    i own gold, so i mainly use modulation to control the volume etc. but i didnt read right, sorry, i thought you want to add addidional volume control with other midi commands.

    sx works fine more me, no problems at all. i get my work done fast and safe.
    and the new version does not have more bugs than any other sequencer too.

    did you try out sx or did you just stay with your version because you \"heard\" of all the bugs. i found vst 32 much more buggier and unstabile than the new sx version. i think it\'s better to test out versions than to just go on rumors.

    also i have to say, that a lot of newbies and wanna-be\'s use cubase and then you have the cubase forum of course full of \"why\'s and how\'s\" because they even don\'t read the manual or better, they even don\'t have the original ....

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    Re: Modulation lamentation

    [ QUOTE ]
    did you try out sx or did you just stay with your version because you \"heard\" of all the bugs. i ....

    [/ QUOTE ]

    didn\'t try it yet... it might get me hot but I cannot afford to upgrade right now - so the reason is sadly economic [img]/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/wink.gif[/img]

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    Re: Modulation lamentation

    Not that its any comfort, but I was having a similar problem with Cubase VST32 R5.1 a few evenings ago - some GPO instruments were resetting mod controller to zero at random. I could even see the \'mod wheel\' on the Kontakt player jump to zero when it happened. Drawing in continuous \'mod wheel\' data on the offending channel merely made the note play at the right volume for a bit, momentarily dip to zero [as the random event occurred] and then come back to the right volume again. The event had nothing to do with anything recorded on the track, as continuously looping through a solo-ed track sometimes the dip to zero would occur, and sometimes not. Systematically removing external factors, and recording the midi messages during one of these episodes, I found Cubase was NOT sending a reset to zero to the Kontakt player and that exactly the same part played through any other (non-Kontakt) instrument would play normally - the instrument was not receiving any mod-to-zero data. Restarting Cubase, resetting ASIO driver, restarting (warm and cold) PC, etc all had no impact. Exhausted, I went to bed, and out of ideas I was going to post a \'help me\' post on here the next day. However, the next day the problem wasn\'t there the next day and has not recurred since!

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    Re: Modulation lamentation

    Gary has posted several \"resource pages\" on Cubase. Check http://www.garritan.com/GPO-CubasisPage.html and scroll to \"Troubleshooting Common Problems in Cubase. There you will find the volume resetting itself problem and the solution. Now, I have no clue as to it working on your particular version of Cubase but its worth a look.
    Hope this helps

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    Re: Modulation lamentation

    Seen it - no luck [img]/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/frown.gif[/img]

    The problem is NOT resetting - it\'s assuming the value of the last MIDI message recorded on a track (at least that\'s what it looks like). This morning that used to be 127. I\'ll experiment some more ..

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    Re: Modulation lamentation

    I\'ve had the same problem with the included Cubasis, and guess what, I haven\'t been able to figure it out yet. Mine is purely random and will do it 10 times in a row, but on the 11th, the song will play just fine. Go figure. I\'ve learned to live with it so far.

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