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Topic: "Space Aria" Demo

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    \"Space Aria\" Demo

    I finally set up a site where I can post some demos.

    Here it is! My first attempt with GPO entitled \"Space Aria\"


    There are a few non GPO sounds (namely the vocal sample) and I could not get the GPO harp gliss to work without freezing my system so I borrowed it from my xv5080. Bought 512 more RAM today so we shall see if that helps at all.

    Paul Hopkins Music Productions

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    Re: \"Space Aria\" Demo

    Hi dubaifox!

    It sounds really good to me. The only thing I´ve to say is that the solo instruments sometimes sounds too powerful or too \"near\" (or maybe too loud). The oboe at 1:55 for example, but thats maybe a question of taste.

    Very good work!


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    Re: \"Space Aria\" Demo

    Really nice, I like the way you wove the music around the Vocal sample.

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    Re: \"Space Aria\" Demo

    Well written, mate

    I like the composition very much. The mixing could use some tweaking, but who cares about that! hehe

    Good job

    - Junk

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    Re: \"Space Aria\" Demo

    Very nice effort indeed Mr Hopkins. They\'re probably correct in that the mixing and balance could be improved. At times I thought that the writing/ orchestration sounded reminiscent of orchestration of the 30\'s or 40\'s if that is possible. I don\'t know what made me think that. It\'s appealing anyway....

    You made a particularly good job of some of the solo strings.


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    Re: \"Space Aria\" Demo

    Very nice, Paul. I agree about some mixing improvements, but the song is really beautiful.

    -- Martin

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    Re: \"Space Aria\" Demo

    Thanks for the input everybody.

    To my own admission, I think the piece lacks from a convincing sense of \"place\". There are some very close intimate sounds, mixed with some very big and distant sounds. And as many have mentioned mixing this better might solve some of that. Maybe a touch more reverb will blend things more but I don\'t want to overdo it with the reverb.

    When I bought GPO I was really excited to try and write something slow, beautiful and powerful. For me, writing this type of music with synths is very challenging.

    I\'ll go in and adjust a few things and see if that helps.

    Paul (dubaifox)

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    Re: \"Space Aria\" Demo


    Very moving and nicely done. I like the writing and arranging.

    As you pointed out, it just needs a little more mixing and balance. Try adding a little more space to the brass and oboe and placing them futher back. Don\'t be afraid to add more reverb. Getting the right sense of space takes practice and engineers take a long time to develop this skill. I have been to soundtrack recordings where the engineer added a little Lexicon reverb even though the orchestra was playing in a reverberant hall. The new impulse technology is making great strides. If you want I\'ll send you an impulse.

    All the compositional and orchestration elements are there. Your piece is going to really shine and I would like to post this if you don\'t mind.

    Gary Garritan

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    Re: \"Space Aria\" Demo

    Very \"Cirque du Soleil\"! Congrats. (I think they mess with front/back relative brightness/reverbness in a way that is similar to what you have ended up here through inexperience, so the mix isn\'t a distraction to me. This is not to say that you could probably improve the experience through better mixing as you hone that craft as well.)

    GARY: What these \"impulses\" you have mentioned a couple times? Can anyone try them out? (I have impulses, but they\'re mostly to do with chocolate, snacks and ... well ... you know!)

    Cheers, fox!! [img]/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif[/img]

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    Re: \"Space Aria\" Demo

    [ QUOTE ]
    All the compositional and orchestration elements are there. Your piece is going to really shine and I would like to post this if you don\'t mind.

    Gary Garritan

    [/ QUOTE ]

    Absolutely! Post this one if you like, or I will go back in and tweak some things today or tomorrow and let you know when it is finished.



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