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Topic: Vintaudio: FANTASTIC!!!!

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    Vintaudio: FANTASTIC!!!!

    I’ve owned the Upright Collection for Halion for a while and have been extremely pleased with them.

    I ordered the Yamaha C7 collection and like it even better.

    I am actually posting about service. This is some of the best service I have ever received from a company. I got the C7 collection on DVD and I just couldn’t get the samples copied to my hard-drive. Still not sure what went wrong, but my bet is my DVD drive.

    Anyway, I contacted Vintaudio and they quickly sent me the collection on CD for no charge and no hassle. I switched from a Mac to PC a year or so ago, so I have a few blind spots when dealing with PCs. Again, my questions came back almost instantly. They were very patience and polite.

    Funny thing is the quality of the samples is even better than the service!!! These piano samples are gorgeous.

    The C7 collection comes with three different perspectives; ambient, close miked, and players perspective. I am currently enjoying the player’s perspective. It really feels like I’m sitting at a fine acoustic piano and hearing what I should be hearing. What a great idea!

    It is really nice to get more than you bargain for, I wish I could say that about all my purchases.

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    Re: Vintaudio: FANTASTIC!!!!

    Hi David, I\'m very flattered by your kind remarks, it\'s very nice to see our costumer support is apreciated.
    Sincerely I hope the library (ies) inspire you to create wonderful music. [img]/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif[/img]

    Have a nice weekend


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    Re: Vintaudio: FANTASTIC!!!!

    Same here, I just purchased the C7 & the uprights... I\'m very happy with the results... And service was great.

    My only disapointment was that release samples are a little too high in volume when instrument is played at very low velocity. I think this has to do with EXS limits and not Franky\'s work... but I haven\'t looked into it with more detail yet.

    Maybe Frank himself can comment better on this...

    regards Charl.

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    Re: Vintaudio: FANTASTIC!!!!

    Hi Charl, glad youre enjoying the library too. [img]/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif[/img]
    I\'ll check into the release samples within EXS24, I\'m not sure but there might be a way to lowere the volume to your personal liking.


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    Re: Vintaudio: FANTASTIC!!!!

    Hey Charl,
    You might want to try checking the \"ignore release velocity\" box in the EXS24 Preferences.
    I\'ve found that certain controllers that send release velocity info can make release samples way too loud in the EXS.
    I think this is directly the reason that Emagic addressed the issue.
    Good luck!
    enjoy the Vintaudio pianos. I have both libraries and use them constantly!

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    Re: Vintaudio: FANTASTIC!!!!

    Okay I\'ll look into this. Thanx alot


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    Re: Vintaudio: FANTASTIC!!!!

    Just to clarify that my statement was WRONG..
    There is no problem with the EXS\'s playback of Frank\'s programs..

    It\'s just the master Keyboard I played them on that had NO release velocity : MY BAD...

    When modifying the release velocity in the sequencer, all was fine.....
    And those patches will sound perfect as long as you have a master keyboard WITH release velocities...

    My sincere apologies....

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    Re: Vintaudio: FANTASTIC!!!!

    No Problem Charl, no harm done,I\'m just glad you\'re enjoying the library.

    Have a nice weekend [img]/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif[/img]


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