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Topic: Does latency affect CPU performance?

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    Does latency affect CPU performance?

    I just bought a Dell Inspiron 5150 for when I go on trips (I hate to be without my GPO for any length of time.) Anyway, it comes with a crummy AC97 soundcard built into the motherboard, so I was wondering since I won\'t be using it live or with a keyboard, is it really necessary to drop another chunk of change on a firewire soundcard? I don\'t care about the latency as long as it isn\'t into the seconds during midi playback, but if its going to kill my CPU then I may have to look at something besides the built in card. Any thoughts?

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    Re: Does latency affect CPU performance?

    Having no real-life experience with your configuration, I just want to tell you what I know, maybe it helps:

    It seems, that you know that, but just to make sure:
    Generally it is true, that the lower latency, the higher the CPU-load (the longer the CPU-time).

    So if you have a system only capable of delivering audio at high latency, one could think, the CPU-consumption was pretty low. But as far as I have understood the common AC97-concepts right, they need a much higher amount of CPU-time compared to professional I/O-solutions by design.

    I think you will be able to work satisfactory with what you\'ve got, but when it comes to really pushing your system, you will most probably experience glitches and things you don\'t want to happen. So one day or the other you WILL buy a professional solution, I guess. The rest seems to be capitalism and maths to me [img]/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif[/img].



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    Re: Does latency affect CPU performance?

    Im curious, I have the audiophile 2496 and was wondering do I have to adjust the latency in that as well as in GPO to get better performance?? Not that its bad. Just curious if the adjustment has to be made in the soundcard and the program.

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    Re: Does latency affect CPU performance?

    That\'s a pretty beefy machine. I hereby \'guess\' that you won\'t have many problems. I have a Dell 5100/crummy AC97 combo for the long commute in/out of town (2.4 GHz/512 Mb RAM) -- I probably don\'t use more than 2 instances of GPO in Studio, but I would have to say that it works well. (btw - I was able to get the ASIO4all driver to work, but in hindsight - why bother. I look like a nutcase on the train using the mouse button/touchpad to record in real-time).

    Even w/ the long latency MME drivers (dunno, hundreds of milliseconds at most?), those buffers are pretty huge, so the playback is actually pretty stable, if somewhat delayed.

    Personal observations: w/ some audio apps running on the laptop, the heat/fans are running like crazy -- protect your \'nads and right thigh [img]/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif[/img]. I suspect for similar reasons, your battery will drain quickly. A spare battery is helpful. I also recommend some decent headphones w/ volume control -- easier than adjusting the volume through software or keystrokes. Finally, the 5100 is WAY too heavy [img]/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif[/img] weight was one thing I discounted when I was shopping. Well, it was fun to lug around the first 500 times, but after that...

    p.s. Nicole - for the 2496, I just use the M-audio Control Panel; my buffer setting = 384 or 512 for recording, I can double that (at least) for mixing/playback to free up some CPU. Its definitely a tradeoff between playing live and playing back...

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    Re: Does latency affect CPU performance?

    Oh thats handy to know. So during recording use a faster setting but on playback switch to higher! Thanks for the tip. Im planning on getting the last of my upgrades to my PC within the month(3+ghz cpu). I already had this one built for me by a friend just a month or so back and am very pleased. But the budget after that and my getting gpo/sonar left me in the dry for a while so the CPU had to wait hehe Im pleased though, this new asus board seems really nifty compared to my old machine which would have died trying to use these programs.

    Im curious though, here is my setup so far: Two SATA drives and my old IDE drives(storage now). 2gbs ram 333 ddr upgradable to 4gbs(hope thats the correct term) and my old P4 1.5 GHZ cpu. Ok the question is does this stuff like GPO ect support hyperthreading? I was planning on getting the newer Intel 3+ghz cpus with hyperthreading. He told me he had to disable this on my board until I got one, but I just plain dont know if hyperthreading is going to be a problem with this Any help would be most welcome.

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