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Topic: Gpo Brass and Sam Horns, Trumpets etc.

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    Gpo Brass and Sam Horns, Trumpets etc.

    Hello all, I should have my copy of Gpo within a day or 2 . I have using the demo patches for now from Sam horns and all there demo stuff and I am amazed at how well these instruments were produced. I wanted to know how GPO\'s brass stands up to it. I\'m not expecting the same results of coarse but would like some feed back. Thanks ppl.

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    Re: Gpo Brass and Sam Horns, Trumpets etc.

    Ahhh! The dreaded brass question. You\'re going to start terrible war.

    I love the brass, very realistic to me, good response, but most feel that it should be bigger and have harder attacks. Everyone\'s got an opinion on this one. The SAM\'s collection is highly esteemed though. All I can say is to listen to Francesco\'s piece that uses a lot of brass, that\'s about as good as it gets (pretty d@mn good i\'ll say.) I can\'t remember the name of it though.

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    Re: Gpo Brass and Sam Horns, Trumpets etc.

    The brass is quite good in the GPO, but it\'s geared toward classical music. Nothing unexpected there, but I think there was an underlying expectation that the bras samples could be jazzed up from a lot of people.

    Well for all the GPO\'s flexibility that was just not intended, hence the upcoming Big Band module.

    But check out \"The Adventures of Midas\" http://www.northernsounds.com/ubbthreads/showflat.php?Cat=&Number=162352&page=0&amp ;view=collapsed&sb=5&o=&fpart=1#162352

    And oh, for some reason the tromones just slay me. The first time I loaded them I started playing the intro to \"Simon\'s Song\" from J.C. Superstar. Sweet. [img]/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif[/img]

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    Re: Gpo Brass and Sam Horns, Trumpets etc.

    Yeah, this is a hot topic.....

    I\'ll just say that the SAM brass can\'t be beat for the money, but the QLSO Platinum brass are the best to my ears....but not to everybody.

    GPO\'s brass take the \'build your own ensembles\' approach which works sometimes very well...sometimes not.

    The \'ensemble\' brass approach of SAM works very well too...but not always and not as much flexibility IMO.

    For small quintets and chamber style wind writing GPO CAN NOT BE BEAT!!

    I love \'Wagnerian\' size works and Mahler type of brass writing. I have been using SAM brass there but I don\'t like the mis-match in timbre when using the \'far\' samples. The \'close\' samples don\'t have the strength that the far ones do, but are a better match with GPO.

    I think you may be quite satisfied with GPO brass alone. The key will be in making use of the \'overlay\' patches to punch-up the attacks of staccato notes in particular. Use the \'var\' adjustments to reduce \'machine gun\' effect in repeated attacks.

    Experiment and you will get a handle on how GPO does things.

    And please, don\'t anybody start a \'war\' on this topic!

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    Re: Gpo Brass and Sam Horns, Trumpets etc.

    Well Thanks, I don\'t mean to start a brass war amoung\'st other lib\'s. Ok here\'s my thing. I am wanting to write for film as well as putting out my own Cd\'s the base of my music with revolve around orchestral, Acoustic guitars, Native American flutes and probably a fair amount of big drums (percussive type stuff), I am after large convincing sounds. I have been scopeing out GPO and other \"all in one box\" libraries. Also looking at seperate libraries by catagory, blah blah blah. So Again I guess my main concern with Gpo is the Strings, Piano and percussion. I all ready own KHSS, and I am pleased with that lib. Any more feedback appreciated. Thanks ppl.

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    Re: Gpo Brass and Sam Horns, Trumpets etc.

    The Piano, Organ, Harp and Percussions in GPO are simply SUPERB!!!

    I only would use them to cover those parts and they together are worth much more than the price of GPO, an entire orchestra to go along with all that. You WON\"T be dissapointed!

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    Re: Gpo Brass and Sam Horns, Trumpets etc.


    the problem in such discussions for me seems to be, that everybody\'s experiences are of coarse based on their own writing. So every library in other hands sounds like a different library - potentially. Nonetheless it might be helpful to hear at least SOMETHING from other users, but we should not overestimate the use of it.

    GPO simply is the most universal and quick-setup orchestral library. It rarely sounds \"wrong\". But you have to learn how to use it - as any other library.

    I like to layer the brass with SAM and/or EWQL-horns, whenever I want a really FAT sounding section. Then I generally use GPO and/or VSL-samples for eventual solo-brass-instruments. It is amazing how fast you can make those sound right with GPO compared to the giant effort it takes to get something more convincing with VSL.

    Btw. for the really huge drum-beats don\'t forget to checkout Stormdrum. This one is really a secret weapon, when it comes to tension, trailers etc.

    Happy composing


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    Re: Gpo Brass and Sam Horns, Trumpets etc.

    I have to say, I really like GPO and have almost nothing but positive things to say about it. However, I have to tell you that if you have a brass library with decent trumpets, use those trumpets. I\'m hoping the next update will have improvements to the GPO trumpets. I know that people like to debate the sound of the instrument in classical works versus film music, but when it gets down to it, GPO trumpets don\'t have the power or really even quite the timbre of any trumpet I\'ve ever heard.
    Not intended to start a war. Again, I really do like GPO.

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    Re: Gpo Brass and Sam Horns, Trumpets etc.

    Hi Briguy,

    20th century German composer Paul Hindemith wrote a three-movement symphony called Mathis der Maler (Mathis the Painter) that ends with full brass choir at the very end of the third movement. Here's that brass excerpt programmed in GPO:

    Hindemith: Mathis der Maler, 3rd mvmt, brass excerpt

    (To my ears) this nicely demonstrates some of GPO's brass capabilities.

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