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Topic: GPO Studio PC update

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    GPO Studio PC update

    Gary recently posted a link to the latest update to GPO Studio for Macs, which
    fixed the \'Ballroom 1 only\' problem. Is there a PC version? I love being able to
    record directly to a .wav file, but it would be nice to have all of the Ambience
    presets back as well.


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    Re: GPO Studio PC update

    Here\'s how I solved this (temporarily). Usually I use Finale with GPO Studio, other times I use Sonar. I discovered that the original Garritan Ambience.dll was still in the Sonar VST folder, so I copied that .dll over to the .../Studio/VSTPlugins/ folder (I think that\'s the path...you\'ll have to verify). Anyway, if you use Windows Explorer to search for Garritan Ambience.dll, you should ba able to locate of all copies. Looking at the delails or properties you can tell if you still have a copy older than what gets installed with the Beta of GPOStudio. You\'ll loose the Bypass button, btw, but get all the presets back.

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    Re: GPO Studio PC update

    Thanks Glenn - unfortunately, I have only one copy of Garritan Ambience.dll. Unless there is a PC version of the latest Studio update available, I guess I\'ll have to reinstall the original Studio and take a copy of the .dll file from that.
    Is there one, Gary?


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    Re: GPO Studio PC update


    Here\'s the links to the latest GPO Studio which should have the Ambience presets.
    Let me know if this works for you.


    Gary Garritan

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    Re: GPO Studio PC update

    [ QUOTE ]

    [/ QUOTE ]
    Small correction: Replace garritan/com with garritan.com

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    Re: GPO Studio PC update

    Thanks Gary and Glenn for the URL for the PC version of the GPO Studio update.
    Sadly, I still only have \"Ballroom 1\" available. Am I unusual in this?


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    Re: GPO Studio PC update

    I didn\'t find any diferance either. I have posted a couple of times the usefulness of version numbers since there seem the likelyhood of changes to come. :-(

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    Re: GPO Studio PC update

    Just for the record,
    I too am having problems as described above. I know future updates will take care of this.


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    Re: GPO Studio PC update

    [ QUOTE ]
    I still only have \"Ballroom 1\" available. Am I unusual in this?

    [/ QUOTE ]

    This update does not fix this problem. Gary has mentioned that the developer of the Ambience program is aware of the problem and it will be fixed the next time around. I did, however, discover a workaround: save a preset, then open the saved preset. All the stock presets will magically reappear! You must re-open the saved preset everytime you start GPO Studio.

    Steve Barden

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