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Topic: about Cubase SE

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    about Cubase SE

    Just got cubase SE.

    Perhaps I shouldn\'t be asking here because GPO -as a vst instrument- is working properly so far. How can I hear the internal mac instruments? When I open Sibelius you can choose a DSL instrument device and the internal synthesizer plays. When I open a midifile in cubase I get no sound (until I choose a vst instrument). Is this normal? All the outputs say: not connected.

    I know lots of you are very experienced in Sib and Cubase. Please help me out. So much new software at the same time is rather confusing. Thanks.


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    Re: about Cubase SE

    When you create a miditrack its not initially connected to anything.
    So if its normal? Yes.
    Connect the (midi) output to a loaded instrument and it will play.

    In preferences (or somewhere else .. dont remember the menuname) you can choose what standard midiport you want to use.

    I suppose sibelius has its own built in synth witch it plays as standard .. cubase doesnt have a synth like this, they all need to be loaded

    hope i made some things clearer for you

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