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Topic: Upgrading personal computers.

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    Upgrading personal computers.

    What is the general concensus on the idea of upgrading the processor (or motherboard in the case of a PC) in an existing computer? Is it a good idea, or a waste of time/energy/money?

    Is it better to just get an entirely new computer? Is it ever a good idea to upgrade?

    There are some interesting options for the MAC out there right now. I\'m not ready to take the plunge for a G5, but would like to upgrade my G4 to get another year of life out of it.....(it\'s choking and sputtering now with the new music software) Also, I have a PC in the closet that is an old P3, but has a nice rack mounted case. Thinking about upgrading it to a P4.

    Any thoughts on the idea?

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    Re: Upgrading personal computers.

    Thanks Lee. This is what I suspected. PC, yes. Mac, no. However, I often wondered just how much difference a bottleneck would be between a 133MHZ frontside buss, and the later G4 166. I mean, really. I\'m not ready to step up to a G5 yet.

    I guess, at the end of the day, I\'ve become a cheap b@st@rd when it comes to music technology. These days, I\'d rather have a nicer vacation with my dough. When I was younger, I chased the technology changes, and wasted a lot of money in the process. 15 grand for a K250 comes to mind.

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