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Topic: Need a Gigastudio Setup

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    Need a Gigastudio Setup

    I\'m looking for a Gigastudio setup. A complete computer with all the right chips and boards, I/O interface and all the tweaks to Windows. I know there are companies that will make if for me but they\'re a little pricy. Does anyone know somebody who makes costume setups or wants to sell one?


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    Re: Need a Gigastudio Setup

    [ QUOTE ]
    It\'s like being a sax player, and knowing how to put together a saxophone and slap on a reed.

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    I\'d say this is a little more like knowing how to turn on your computer and launch the program. What you are talking about is more like knowing how to regulate your keys, changing your pads and changing the action.

    A little more complicated, but I agree, definitely something worth knowing and understanding.

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