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Topic: Nick Berg

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    Nick Berg

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    I\'m passing on an interesting article. As I haven\'t seen the video, and I\'m no expert in this area, I have made no judgement on the situation.

    Maybe those of you with the inclination to watch the video, or with expertise in Arabia, arms or accident scenes will have some insights.

    -Jon Fairhurst

    15 Anomalies Surrounding Death of Nick Berg

    Arab linguists have said the man posing as the Jordanian Zaraqawi did not speak with a Jordanian dialect. Others have suggested the man reading the written statement may not have been a native speaker of Arabic.

    Zaraqawi was missing one leg and had been outfitted with an artificial leg that did not fit or function properly. He was unable to walk or stand normally with his ill-fitting limb. No man in the group showed evidence of such an infirmity.

    Numerous indigenous sources have said Zaraqawi was killed by a US helicopter attack months ago when he was unable to move quickly enough to escape the targeted house. While others managed to exit the house in time to survive, he died in the collapsed building.

    As any surgeon will testify, the alleged beheading was a fake. A beheading would result in a tremendous amount of spurting blood. There would have been blood everywhere had an actual beheading taken place. When the executioner holds up Berg\'s head immediately following what is represented as an actual decapitation of a living person, there is no significant blood flow from the neck or blood splatters showing anywhere on the executioner. Furthermore, the cut was simply too neat to have been done crudely and with such amazing speed by a man wielding a knife. Anybody who has ever carved a turkey knows there is something wrong with the supposed beheading. The suspended head looks more like Berg had been neatly beheaded by a guillotine.

    The orange jumpsuit was standard US military issue to men in custody. It is unlikely Berg would have continuing wearing a US custodial uniform if he had been released by the military as they claim. The fact he was still wearing the suit is both anomalous and suggestive. One is forced to speculate as to whether there was an immediate transfer of Berg from the US military to unknown persons, thusly preventing Berg from discarding his US prison garb.

    Several of the men in the film were fat by Iraqi standards. If they were Feyadeen or mujahadeen, they probably have been living underground since the first days of the occupation. Tens of thousands of Iraqis have been shown on news stories as they have marched and demonstrated. One would be hard pressed to point out a single fat man among these thousands.

    Some men had what can only be described as pasty-white hands. Once again, one would be hard pressed to find Arab men with pasty-white hands.

    The lack of spurting blood suggests Berg was already dead at the time of the alleged decapitation. It is possible Berg\'s dead body was displayed with his head already partially or totally severed. In any case, he almost certainly was killed before the staged beheading. If so, it suggests the captors had no stomach for an actual beheading of a living person, and they opted to fulfill their assignment quietly and with the least amount of gore.

    The scream that is heard has been interpreted as a woman\'s scream by many viewers. Videotape cognoscenti have further said the scream was amateurishly added to the tape.

    The U.S. government translation of one statement made on the film is: \"Does al Qaeda need any further excuses?\" This is a falsification. The actual statement urged fellow insurgents to get off their hind ends and do something. One assumes the translator being used by the US military is a native speaker of Arabic, so this cannot be explained as an innocent flub. This suggests the US government wanted to inject an alleged al- Qaeda group into the murder of Nick Berg.

    Iraqis who have seen the videotape on Arabic news broadcasts are universally saying the men in the film are not Iraqis. Are they saying this partly because the speaker does not employ an Iraqi dialect? Where does their certainty come from?

    Firearms experts have stated the AK-47 carried by one man was a \"Gilal.\" This actually is an Israeli-made weapon that improves on the famous AK- 47. Feyadeen and other insurgents almost universally use AK-47s.

    The man in the videotape who is purported to be Zarqawi is wearing a gold ring. This is absolutely proscribed by Islamic law.

    The US military has stated that Berg was never in US custody and that he had been in custody of the Iraqi police. The Iraqi police adamantly deny he was ever in their custody. On April 1, an e-mail from Beth A. Payne, the U.S. consular officer in Iraq, was sent to the family of Nick Berg. It stated that Ms. Payne had located Nick, and he was currently in custody of the US military. We have to conclude that either the email was bogus or the US military has been lying.

    The chair that Berg was seated in during the filming was a standard issue military chair of the exact same kind as seen in a color photo taken at the Abu Ghraib Prison. The chances a terrorist cell would be using this same chair are minimal at best.

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    Re: Nick Berg

    What\'s the source of this article?

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    Re: Nick Berg

    It\'s on the front page of http://www.rense.com.

    Here\'s are some others:

    I don\'t know what to think. I don\'t know who to trust.

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    Re: Nick Berg

    Neither did most of our government when they started this whole mess.

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    Re: Nick Berg

    And ditto for the British government.

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    Re: Nick Berg

    Actually the video was of the beheading of George W., before they sewed on the head of Satan.

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    Re: Nick Berg

    OK guys, here\'s some more grist for your conspiratorial mill.
    Make of it what you will (rhyme not indended):

    Berg\'s encounter with \'terrorist\' revealed

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    Re: Nick Berg

    I\'ve seen the video and the quality of it is so low that I don\'t see how the person who wrote this article could be able to make some of the statements they do. It would be very difficult to say as many \"sure things\" as this person says given the blurriness of the video. And when the head came off, I saw tons of blood pour out, or at least it looked that way. The video is so fuzzy it\'s tough to say.

    And the video has also been spliced in many places, so some of the statements regarding chronology in this article are weak.

    An intersting article nonetheless.

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    Re: Nick Berg

    Good points Brady. The quality does make it hard to say all that. I\'ve seen one version that their skin is \"neutral\", could be white or olive. Other videos, the contrast & lighting has the skin tone as \"lilly white\" There are alot of fishy things surrounding it though, too numerous to cover here. Just check out the various links and see if you don\'t notice that something seems amiss. Especially the convenient timing of it. The time line doesn\'t add up either in that they are doing this because of the treatment of the prisoners but the body was allegedly found before this scandal went wide. Also, what is with the scream starting two or three seconds before they even lunge at the guy and then the camera just goes nuts and you can\'t see what is going on. Anyway, our powers that be have discredited themselves so badly that this is the line of questioning that goes on anytime something like this happens. Something aint right.


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    Re: Nick Berg

    Hey all

    I\'ve done quite a bit of research on this. Something is definitely fishy about it. There are a lot of theories floating around, but I can say with a fair amount of certainty that Nick was already dead when they decapitated him. You have to watch the video to know what I\'m talking about. The skin of the head looks very pale, but he had color in his skin just a moment before he was beheaded. Plus, he\'s not squirming about when they\'re sawing away at him, as far as I could tell. And yeah there\'s blood, but not enough. If someone is beheaded while still alive, there\'s LOTS of blood.. gushing/spurting (due to the heart still beating). Other oddities: why is Nick so calm when they\'re reading the script? And if the guy reading the script has announced himself as al-Zaqawi, why wear a mask?? And how come when this was released, Al Jazeera couldn\'t locate the video on the Al Ansar web site, but all the American networks had the video right away?

    Odd stuff going on. Here\'s some good reading:

    http://tinyurl.com/3cbjg (no graphic images or anything, just a discussion thread)

    PS: Oh, and if you decide you want to watch the video, THINK IT OVER before you do so. Even if you can handle super gory movies, this is totally different, because it\'s REAL. I made the mistake of watching it before bed.. I only got a couple hours of sleep that night. [img]/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/ooo.gif[/img]

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