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Topic: Did a plane hit the Pentagon?

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    Did a plane hit the Pentagon?

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    I\'m not inclined to believe conspiracy theories, but this is really bizarre. Can someone poke holes in it?


    The sand on the lawn can be justified by construction crews ruining it, but the rest is very strange.

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    Re: Did a plane hit the Pentagon?

    I\'ve heard of too many eye witnesses to believe this one. Besides, the flight was registered and had a passenger and crew list. If not at the Pentagon, then where did it end up?

    Still, some of the facts are strange.

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    Re: Did a plane hit the Pentagon?

    My dad investigates aircraft engine failure and accidents. He says it is very possible for a plane to disintegrate like that and cause minimal damage to the Pentagon, when first impact was next to the Pentagon. The bigger question is why the plane made a huge effort to fly around the back of the Pentagon and hit the unpopulated section. Nothing conclusive, just very strange.

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    Re: Did a plane hit the Pentagon?

    That could be the answer.

    By the way, I discovered that there are links underneath most of the pictures where it says Source:_________. The Army ones are gone, but if you follow the other links and click on the images, you can see huge enlargements.

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    Re: Did a plane hit the Pentagon?

    Oh my God...

    This is the French « Reseaux Voltaire » !

    We all know in France the guy (Thierry Meyssan) who wrote a book (A best seller ! Can you imagine !...) about that \'rumor\', two years ago.

    All journalist here, after investigations, were absolutely unanimous : this is not serious.

    Please, don\'t believe a word about that... thing.

    (This guy is a disaster...)

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    Re: Did a plane hit the Pentagon?

    Still, those pictures are interesting!

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    Re: Did a plane hit the Pentagon?

    Well, the intriguing thing is that you can\'t see any pieces of plane there, and the damaged area is much smaller and looks different from what you\'d expect from a plane.

    I suspect that Nick\'s dad has the explanation, but what you\'re seeing in those pictures is totally different from what I see.

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    Re: Did a plane hit the Pentagon?

    I see what you\'re saying - the wings landed on the roof. Yeah, that could be. But you\'d expect the plane to go farther.

    I\'m quite sure it was a plane, but it\'s still quite odd!

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    Re: Did a plane hit the Pentagon?

    There has been a lot of reinforcement work at the pentagon over the last 10 years making pretty much like a nuclear bunker. I watched a discovery documentry on it a few months back and it mentioned that the only segment that had been completed was the section that was hit by plane.

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    Re: Did a plane hit the Pentagon?

    The way many eye-witnesses described the event was that the plan was coming in at a bad angle and the terrorists were \"over-correcting\". Basically the aircraft hit the ground and smashed into the Pentagon, it didn\'t get a direct hit.

    By the way, flying a huge jet is not like a video game....it takes a lot of time to learn how to maneuver and I think this was the issue in this case. Even if they had come in from a higher trajectory, too much last second correction would have either overstressed the aircraft into failure or an over-correction.

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