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Topic: What video settings do you use?

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    What video settings do you use?

    As many here compose to picture I was wondering if you would mind sharing your preferred video settings?

    I have heard that you are actually better off to not compress the clip as this ramps up the CPU usage? One beneficial technique I believe, is to reduce the physical size of the video, perhaps 320 x 240?

    I recently completed a project where I had to score to a documentary, I left the video uncompressed but forgot to lower the resolution, it was running at 720 x 576 full screen PAL format! Needless to say, main host DAW struggled with playing the video plus running the sequencer/VST\'s.

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    Re: What video settings do you use?

    At least on the Mac side, using Firewire DV at full resolution using something like the Canopus ADVC-100 seems like the way to go. It takes up tons of disk space, but viewing the video on an external TV, it doesn\'t seem to slow down the computer at all, especially considering an hour-long show will take about 10GB of disk space. Plus you don\'t have to deal with a million different compression codecs and stuff - DV is pretty much DV - set it and forget it.

    Hope that helps -


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    Re: What video settings do you use?

    I usually just shrink down to 320x240... but what Jeff is describing seems like the best bet if work space allows. I\'m on PC so I\'m sure I can find an equivalent. Thanks for the tip.

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    Re: What video settings do you use?

    Hi Jeff, I actually have an ADVC-100 but run PC. So unfortunately there is no \"preview to firewire\" option in any PC sequencer that I know of.

    I have in the past, previewed to firewire through Vegas, but it is a bit clumsy to lock to the sequencer.

    Thanks for your input, I would love for Cubase SX (pc version) to offer firewire capability!

    I even sent a suggestion to Max (as in FX-Teleport Max) to consider writing an app that would let you stream the video via Gigabit LAN. He said he would consider it.

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    Re: What video settings do you use?

    320x240 is the setting I use as well. No delays or hiccups, and you still get a decent picture.

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