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Topic: Gather around for my demo..it's a symphony, y'all!

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    Gather around for my demo..it\'s a symphony, y\'all!

    Whaddup y\'all!

    I\'m working on a symphony that\'s going to be in 4 movements (like most symphonies). This right here is only a excerpt of the first movement (which is really going to wind being about like 8 minutes long). I hadn\'t finished it yet, \'cause I haven\'t been working on it that long. Download it and I hope y\'all in enjoy it!

    And Gary Garritan, I would really, really like it if you put this in the demos page! That would make me really happy! My name is Craig Reeves, and my website is http://www.vipstudiosonline.com. I did this piece in Sonar 3.

    And if y\'all want the Sonar file to this just holla back!

    Get it here...


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    Re: Gather around for my demo..it\'s a symphony, y\'all!


    Evocative intro, sets up the exposition quite well. Rhythmic, very well-balanced, some nice cross-phrasing, great use of GPO. I hear the development starting at 3:55, is that right?

    Can\'t say that it reminds me of anyone\'s symphonic style in particular (which is usually considered to be a good thing). Perhaps there\'s a a tinge of Howard Hanson in there. Hopefully you can post the whole movement when finished (or the whole symphony for that matter). Great work, keep it up.

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    Re: Gather around for my demo..it\'s a symphony, y\'all!

    Very beautiful work so far! Excellent articulations. I look forward to hearing the other three movements.

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    Re: Gather around for my demo..it\'s a symphony, y\'all!

    Thank y\'all so much!

    To DarwinKopp, you\'re absolutely right about the development part. However, the form of this one is a little strange.

    It starts out with the intro, which of course lasts until it picks up speed at 1:15. This begins the A section. Theme 1 of the A section lasts until 1:41, and then it repeats. 2:07 begans Theme 2 of the A section. Theme 2 is played around with until 3:55 which you accused of being the development and in many many ways it is, because it starts playing around with Theme 1 (which it did not do in the beginning, it just repeated, but was not worked with.) Theme 1 is worked with until 5:27. This is the end of the A section.

    The B section begins after the little timpani roll at 5:30. If you listen closely, I\'m now working with the Introductory theme. The B section is just a development of the introduction. The B section is not as long as the A section, because I\'m only working with one theme, as in the A section I\'m working with 2.

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    Re: Gather around for my demo..it\'s a symphony, y\'all!

    Great work, Craig. Fascinating writing, nice variations in sound, mood, rhythm and textures, and a very realistic orchestral mix to boot. One of the more sophisticated GPO originals I\'ve heard.


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    Re: Gather around for my demo..it\'s a symphony, y\'all!


    Very nice work. I enjoy the harmonic structure and rhythmic variety. It sounds open and ready to go in any direction (that\'s good, I think). I look forward to hearing more. While not many symphonies use piano, some do (Shostakovich #5 for one). You might think about giving some of the piano parts to the woodwinds (just an idea). I love the textures you\'ve created. The horn swells sound really nice. Go crazy with the development. I want to hear more.

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    Re: Gather around for my demo..it\'s a symphony, y\'all!

    Thanks everybody for the comments, I really appreciated them.....
    I wonder if I can get Gary to put this piece up on the demos page, though....

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    Re: Gather around for my demo..it\'s a symphony, y\'all!


    A Symphony is quite an undertaking. You\'re crazy (in a good way) to undertake this.

    The composition is superb. The instrumentation and the mixing is fabulous. The sound has a lot of body to it. Did you use an impulse or EQ?

    Yes, we want the Sonar file! Of course I\'ll put this in the demos page!

    Thanks for sharing this and I look forward to hearing the rest of the Symphony!

    Gary Garritan

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    Re: Gather around for my demo..it\'s a symphony, y\'all!


    This sounds totally amazing! You\'re a very skilled composer and orchestrator.

    One day I hope to write a large orchestral piece but right now I\'m still struggling to complete a 2 minute little ditty.

    I\'m gonna reread your comments about my posting to see if there\'s anything I missed. [img]/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif[/img]

    Hope to hear more from you soon.



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    Re: Gather around for my demo..it\'s a symphony, y\'all!

    Craig - -

    What a wonderful start! While I think that the traditional symphonic form has exploded (for the twenty-first century), it’s always interesting to see someone tackle the form - - especially with some new twists. Your effort is most delicious and I’ve probably listened to the movement 6 times by this writing. Love the rhythmic variation and the “sense of wonder” that seems imbued in the work. Joy and thought, nicely balanced.

    I recently got a wonderful DVD presentation of the Mahler Seventh Symphony with (Sir) Simon Rattle and the Berlin Philharmonic. I’ve long been a total Mahler freak but I have to confess that Sir Simon’s approach to the work was totally fresh and new. In part, because he’s acknowledged that Mahler was fundamentally changing the symphonic form “for the rest of the twentieth century” with the seventh.

    Concert hall music for our century is an interesting challenge. For one thing, in order for it to thrive it has to have a “market” that is more than the few million folks who go to live symphony concerts. And it has to have a “hook” that brings attention to it for it to be commercial viable to the artist. I think you’re on that path and commend your work! There are so many nice “moments” in your movement, so much to enjoy while not succumbing to simple romantic excess (don’t get me wrong - - I love “romantic excess”) but the modern listener/concert-goer wants to be challenged by more than another sublime Tchaikovsky “Pathetique” Symphony.

    Onward! kev

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