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Topic: OT: Another rates for film composing question

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    OT: Another rates for film composing question

    Hi - I need some advice from you pros out there. Suppose you\'ve talked to a producer of an indie film, and settled on producing a film score (licensed) for 5k. Then the producer calls you back and asks what you would charge for a complete buyout. What\'s the norm here? Should it be a percentage of the original package? Should it be more?

    Thanks a whole bunch in advance. [img]/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/cool.gif[/img]

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    Re: OT: Another rates for film composing question

    I wouldn\'t accept a buyout. I think he\'s getting an incredible bargain at 5k. If it were me, I\'d insist on retaining all of the publishing as well. If nothing else, NEVER SELL YOUR WRITERS OWNERSHIP! One of the things that keeps us composers going thru tough times is royalties. They go on and on. My personal, experienced opinion only, of course.

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    Re: OT: Another rates for film composing question

    Usually when directors or producers (particularly of small indie films) ask for buy-outs, it\'s generally out of ignorance and they simply don\'t know what they are talking about when it comes to entertainment law.

    Please, explain to them that buying out the music from you results in potential revenue loss in the long term for you, but it does not in any way save them any money. Make sure that they understand that they don\'t pay royalties, only the broadcasters do....this is a highly misunderstood point.

    I usually issue a very comprehensive master license that give them the rights to the music for pretty much anything that they would want to use it for (except for soundtrack CD\'s, which is a slightly different story).

    I highly urge you to stick to your guns on this issue, if you give up on your basic rights as a creative, the message that you are sending is that your work is simply not worth that much to you.

    I would return them an outrageous quote for a complete buy out bordering on the bizarre. Like a few hundred thousands....see what they say.

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    Re: OT: Another rates for film composing question


    Read this from ASCAP.


    It is typical for the production company to own all copyrights to an underscore as you are a work for hire. However, you don\'t have to, or ever should, give up your composer/performance royalties.

    When you say \"settled\", do you already have a written contract? Maybe the producer of this film isn\'t very experienced or you would have never gotten to this point of such a nebulous agreement.

    Also, 99.9 percent of all small budget indie films never make a dime. Keep that in mind when you think about how hard of a stance you are going to take.

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    Re: OT: Another rates for film composing question

    Go to www.filmmusicworld.com. Look around and you\'ll see pay guides and a lot more info that will answer your questions directly.

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    Re: OT: Another rates for film composing question

    Thank you , thank you, thank you. Very good and insightful advice from you all!

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