This is a repeat of my post on the GigaStudio forum. I haven\'t gotten any replies there so I thought I\'d try the busier forum. Sorry for the off-topic.

I\'ve never actually been able to get GigaStudio working successfully on my XP machine, and I\'ve basically had to just stop using the software over the last couple of years because of it. About a year ago I bought an Echo Indigo for my notebook to try to get it working, but no luck.

The program runs, but the MIDI input indicators are all grayed out, and no matter what I use for an input source, whether it be the Nemesys virtual ports or external MIDI hardware, I can\'t get any sound in Giga. I\'m running a Sager brand notebook, 3.06Ghz with hyperthreading, 1GB DDR RAM, Windows XP Pro with all updates and ATI Radeon 9000 video. I am using the latest Indigo drivers, but haven\'t found any older ones to try. In searching this forum I\'ve found that other people with Echo cards have reported similar problems, but I\'ve never found a solution that works for me.

Anybody have any ideas?