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Topic: Problem with Sonar files

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    Problem with Sonar files


    I have downloaded the Sonar files from http://www.garritan.com/GPO-SonarPage.html but when I open the files in Sonar, I get a message \"Could not find sample\" and the path C:\\Program Files\\Garritan Personal Orchestra\\GPO Library\\<GPO_Library_part1.nks>\\Bassoon 2 Samples\\BsnNVA#1.wav with the buttons AutoFind/Retry/Ignore/Abort loading. No matter wich button I press, the sample isn\'t found.

    When I installed GPO, I\'ve installed the programs/plugins in C:\\Program Files\\Garritan Personnal Orchestra but I\'ve installed the samples on another drive (S:\\GPO Library). I\'m using Sonar 3.1.1.

    Does anyone know how I can correct this problem and open the Sonar files from the web site?



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    Re: Problem with Sonar files

    Hi Norm

    I had that same problem while trying to open a file I downloaded offline. Like you, my samples are stored on another hard drive. There is a way to \'point\' to the GPO folder on your other hard drive, and I recall doing it once, but when I opened that same file, I am simply getting an error stating that Sonar cannot find the GPO VST.

    When it worked before, I was using Sonar 3.0 but I have since upgraded to 3.1. Sorry this is sort of a wasted post, but I just wanted to let you now that I\'m workin on figuring it out.

    - Junk

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    Re: Problem with Sonar files


    Please check your PM when you get a chance...

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