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Topic: BFD vs DFH Superior

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    BFD vs DFH Superior

    OK, so I\'ve just about got the cash together to buy one or the other. I was about to buy BFD, because I\'m lazy, and like the convenience of VST instruments. But then I noticed that DFH Superior is also a VST plug-in. SO which do I buy now? I know that on paper, with its 15 gazillion mikes, BFD looks great, but, at the end of the day, does it actually do what it claims.

    Please help me!


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    Re: BFD vs DFH Superior

    There was a long, drawn out debate on this topic on the DUC a week or so ago (Digidesign Support)

    Good input from people who had used both. The general consensus is that (though a little buggy) DFH Superior was the better product. Though it was not as cut and dried as that. You might go over to the DUC and see if you can find it.


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