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Topic: POLL: Specialized Libraries

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    POLL: Specialized Libraries

    Since it seems that everybody and their brother has a brass library out, who here would be interested in a library of just brass mutes (straight, cup, harmon, etc.)?
    It seems to be the most overlooked feature, which is ubderstandable because of the shear number and variety of mutes that could be sampled multiplied by the number of articulations.

    Theoretically this library would be muted solo instruments only that could be used along side other existing multi-sampled libraries without mutes.

    When mutes are recorded you usually get straight tones and maybe staccatos. Would you want to see a full list of articulations as with any other library or would this go unused?

    Does this seem like something that you as a composer need and want, or would you only purchase a library that had the usual un-muted articulations along with the proposed mute samples?

    Would the inclusion of only solo instruments, as apposed to sections and solos, affect your decision?

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    Re: POLL: Specialized Libraries

    Tim, just to get this thread started, I\'ll answer that I don\'t do orchestral scoring much, and while my need for muted trumpet and bone articulations is very real, it\'s probably totally different that the orchestral stuff-I need big band, and the number of articulations in jazz mutes is enormous - I doubt if you could realistically cover the major bases in less than a DVD. Let the orchestral folks tell you what they need, unless you really are thinking of attempting a jazz lib (and GPO is preparing that, so you might see what they leave out, to cover the extra territory...


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    Re: POLL: Specialized Libraries

    It could be that other orchestral libraries have left out the muted articulations because they are more often associated with jazz and big band.

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    Re: POLL: Specialized Libraries

    I hope timzydee\'s point about the perception of mutes as a jazz band thing is wrong. But if right, developers should pull their heads out of the ground. I doubt that there has been any real orchestral piece (concert, film, TV) using brass that has not incorporated mutes. I just cannot think of one.

    A lot of people might be hearing mutes in orchestral works without realising it, and are just mentally lumping all the brass sounds together. But the mutes ARE there and they make a big difference.

    The avoidence of mutes in some sample libraries is very, very odd. VSL is the biggest mystery in this regard.

    We need both hand stopped and straight mutes (especially for horns) with as many velocity layers and dynamics as possible for sections and solos. Come on guys, lets get it done.


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    Re: POLL: Specialized Libraries

    ...with that said, allow me to restate my original question.
    Would a library featuring ONLY brass mutes be viable?

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    Re: POLL: Specialized Libraries

    Could be, but it would be far more useful to include the open sound too, otherwise it would not blend as well with the mute patches (seeing as the instruments used will be different as will the reverb, etc. from other libs). This is especially important in a big band type piece as the brass are so exposed.

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    Re: POLL: Specialized Libraries

    [ QUOTE ]
    It could be that other orchestral libraries have left out the muted articulations because they are more often associated with jazz and big band.

    [/ QUOTE ]

    The Project SAM brass libraries have some muted sections: trombones, horns & trumpets (from which the last one straight and harmon mutes).

    I\'d personally be more interested in a Westgate woodwind section libary [img]/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif[/img]
    I can layer the Westgate sounds with other woodwinds....but it\'s not the same, of course.

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