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Topic: Kontakt Player bundled with GPO - any limitations?

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    Kontakt Player bundled with GPO - any limitations?

    I\'m using GPO as a Cubase VST plug-in (WINDOWS XP), and a Terretec 8-out soundcard, but I\'m not having any luck assigning any GPO instruments to anything but OUTPUTS 1/2.

    I can see the others displayed, 3/4, 5/6, 7/8, 9/10, 11/12, 13/14, 15/16, but when I select one of them, it reverts to 1/2 when I re-display the sound I tried to assign.

    Example - I\'ve assigned a bassoon to 1/2 and when I click on the next sound, strings, I select outs 3/4 but it defaults to 1/2.

    I\'m wondering if this is some type of demo software.

    Thanks... Adriann

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    Re: Kontakt Player bundled with GPO - any limitations?

    Hi Adriann,

    Did you download the updates for the Kontakt player from the Garritan home page?

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    Re: Kontakt Player bundled with GPO - any limitations?

    Hi Adirann, I just had that problem two days ago. The option of assigning the outputs on each sound was there, but no matter what I did they all ended up being assigned to 1 & 2. When you look at the \"routing\" output, do all the channels show up, or just 1 & 2? I only had 1 & 2 listed in the routing, and nothing I did made it work right, so I uninstalled GPO and reinstalled it and everything works great now.

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    Re: Kontakt Player bundled with GPO - any limitations?

    Ok here\'s where we are now. Funny you should mention the update. Yes, we did it and it worked ! ...........at least partially. Now when we assign outputs 3,4 and 5,6 etc they actually stay assigned meaning , to us, that that particular problem seems to be solved.

    However, when we called up the control panel for the Terratec it\'s still showing all GPO sounds coming out on outputs 1 and 2.

    Boy, we are not techies here and so we really are a bit confused now.

    It\'s not a cubase issue and who knows what issue it is?
    Maybe try to contact Terratec support?? Any other ideas or suggestions?

    The good news at least is that others can know that the update solves the assigning of different outputs.
    Now how do they work??

    Adriann and Pamela

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    Re: Kontakt Player bundled with GPO - any limitations?

    I don\'t know how to set it up so that you get sound out of multiple outputs, but I can tell you that no matter the channel assignments on the player they are all going to come out of channels 1 & 2. These are mixer channels to the best of my knowledge and only correspond to mixer channels in Cubase or Sonar, the do not directly correlate to sound card outputs. This is not a bug to the best of my knowledge. You should probably be looking in your sequencer as to how to get the channels to sound on another output.

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    Re: Kontakt Player bundled with GPO - any limitati

    Hello Adriann,

    for each instance of the kontakt player you see 8 channels in the mixer (if vst channels are switched on). Each of the channels you can route to an output device by clicking on the output device (on the bottom of the sliders, i think the default is bus 1?), so that you can route to another output bus.


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    Re: Kontakt Player bundled with GPO - any limitati

    Thanks Rainer and Joseph too.
    We\'re somewhat further now. Now when we do as you suggest and use the VST channels we see it and hear it on Bus 1 in VST and also on the control panel window for the 8 output Terratec soundcard. When we use the pulldown at the bottom of the channel mixer in VST it shows all the 8 outs in pairs. Then we selected the next pair ( 3 and 4) and lo and behold the output shows as 3 and 4 on the Terratec panel and yes it shows the level nicely as well.
    This was great!
    Then disappointment.... nothing we did allowed us to hear the sound on 3 and 4.
    Of course we are routing all the outs into an external mixer but still only 1 and 2 show up there or let us hear the GPO.

    We have always just used the arrange window in vst so the channels and bus business is alien to us .
    Any further ideas? We\'ll try the cubase manual I suppose too.

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