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Topic: garrtion 'Lite" works with Vsampler for Sonar 3?

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    garrtion \'Lite\" works with Vsampler for Sonar 3?

    Hey Everybody

    The main reason i purchased the producer edition of Sonar 3 insted of the stuio was to get the added sampler so i could create some orchestrel tracks. Right now the lite edition of garriton best fits my budget insted of the personal orchestra. I\'m wondering if the lite edition will work fine with V sampler 3, the sampler that came with sonar 3.

    Thanks for the help

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    Re: garrtion \'Lite\" works with Vsampler for Sonar 3?

    The question has come up before. Try reading this thread.

    I\'ve seen that beta 4 of VSampler 3.1 has been posted. Hopefully some of the compatability issues have been addressed. They still aren\'t giving any hints about when the final release will come out (at least I haven\'t seen any).

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