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Topic: Very curious question for you about "mapping"

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    Very curious question for you about \"mapping\"

    Here it is, and I hope I don\'t get rapped on the mouth for asking...

    If I have, say a string line, and it goes from one articulation to another, is there a way to \"map\" (maybe not the right term) different samples/articulations to the same midi line, right now, the only way I can do this (that I know of) is to write say 3 different fist violin lines in Sibelius, putting in the arco notes, the tremolo notes and pizz. notes respectively.

    I could just indicate the differences in one line in Sibelius but it won\'t read the articulation differences in say GPO. BTW< I do not have a midi keyboard.

    So (and using Cubase) is there a way to do in the sequencing? I really don\'t know and I would be ever so interested in any advice.


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    Re: Very curious question for you about \"mapping\"

    [ QUOTE ]
    is there a way to do in the sequencing?

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    The standard way to do it in a sequencer is to have each instrument or articulation on a separate MIDI track. Depending on your capabilities of your computer (RAM, etc.) you will have a separate instrument assigned to its own MIDI channel and PORT. For example, if you are using the GPO Studio you have a maximum of 64 instruments that can be assigned their own channel each. So for violins, have one track for arco, one for pizz, one for tremolo, etc. By using the KS (key switching) instruments you can have multiple articulations assigned to a single track. You send a patch change by simply playing the designated note.

    I can\'t tell you how to do any of this using notation programs, but I\'m sure someone else will chime in.

    Best regards,
    Steve Barden

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    Re: Very curious question for you about \"mapping\"

    You can always insert a program change event in your line. But I\'m not sure of how this works with the Kontakt Player. I would not recommend you this approach, because this tends to overload your CPU when changing patches, as it takes some time to load the samples in RAM, and this can cause glitches.

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    Re: Very curious question for you about \"mapping\"

    Program changes do not work in Kontakt. The next update will include some new key switched instruments and many other great improvements. Tom Hopkins just keeps making this product better and better!

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    Re: Very curious question for you about \"mapping\"

    Yet another example of the same old question. How to change channels in Sibelius.You have to admit Gary, this is absolutely vital to get sorted.
    First of all Matolen, If you were to use Sib with a General midi sound font you\'d find the Pizz direction will change the program to the appropriate sound, (in a sound font each sound is a different program, 128 to a Bank, 128 banks allowed but rarely filled as it would make too much demand on memory) Arco will change it back. You can also put in bank and program changes in the score to direct Sib to a different sound and it works fine. Maybe you knew all that already.
    However, GPO\'s string quartet template for instance, puts the Pizz variants of each instrument on a a different CHANNEL. It is therefore necessary to change Channel to get the Pizz. (The ram CPU load issue is irrelevant) Unfortunately despite me posting this question over and over again I never get a straight unequivical answer.
    In fact (except for the few keyswitch variants) all the GPO sounds go on different channels. Thats how its set up, (unless you layer several on on the same channel but thats a different effect \'cause they\'ll all play all the time)
    Overture can be made to switch channels, (Add Pizz to the score, double click and in the dialog box that comes up you\'ll see an option to effect a channel change where even the target instrument is named). Each instance of Pizz has to be so specified (which is tiresome) and on different staves can be made to switch to the appropriate channel/instrument. This channel change will still be there if you save as a midi file and open in Cubase (midi channels set to \'any\'), but sadly won\'t survive opening in Sibelius ( or Sib 2 at any rate)
    However its been posted elswhere on these boards that Sib DOES effect channel changes (at least Sib 3 does) because it uses them with its own Kontakt player.
    I\'m not able to verify this as I don\'t have Sib 3 so.....
    I\'ll ask again: What do you put in a Sib score to make it switch channels?

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