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Topic: I did the 96 -> 160 Upgrade

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    I did the 96 -> 160 Upgrade

    I just upgraded from GS 96 to GS 160. The cost: $179 + tax. I\'ll spend another $50 to upgrade to GS3 Orchestral for a $229 cost (plus tax, shipping and handling).

    Not bad compared to the $349 GS 96 -> GS3 Orchestral upgrade price.

    BTW, I confirmed with Pete Snell at NAB that I\'ll be able to do the $50 upgrade from the GS 160 upgrade. He said that it depends on the date that my copy of GS 160 is registered, which will certainly be valid.

    Upgrade your copy of GS 96 to GS 160 today and save! [img]/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif[/img]

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    Where to go to get GS96 -> GS160 upgrade?


    I might upgrade my GS96 too. Where did you go to upgrade? Tascam website? Over the phone? I did a search, but couldn\'t seem to find it. Thanks for any info. I\'m going to get GS3, so i might as well save some money on it.

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    Re: Where to go to get GS96 -> GS160 upgrade?

    I did it over the phone 323.727.7617 extension 584.

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    Re: I did the 96 -> 160 Upgrade


    Any tricks or downsides to going from GS96 to GS 160? File conversions? Enough polyphony(well, recognizable difference between playing the same piece in both)?

    And how do you feel about it today, other than an economic interim to GS3?


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    Re: I did the 96 -> 160 Upgrade

    I had no problems going from GS 96 to GS 160.

    Note that the disk is 2.53.05, and I had 2.54, so I had to click \"yes\" to go back a rev. It\'s no big deal as I don\'t have a Hammerfall, so I don\'t need the 2.54 bug fix.

    I still need to receive the registration code, but I\'m within the grace period. I expect that I\'ll get the reg code on Monday. For whatever reason, NFX 4 was already loaded. Ho hum.

    For fun I loaded some percussion, beat on the keys and got up to 160 voices right away. I had already gone into the \"Settings | Sampler\" menu and adjusted the poly from 96 to 160 - that was the first thing I checked!

    At first I only had two ports lit up. I then ganged my MidiSport onto all four ports (Settings | Hardware), and immeidately got green lights on all four items. Just for fun I loaded up samples on all four ports and played some tutti live. I\'ve got four zones on my keyboard, so I should be able to get sixteen voices at the fingertips this way. Crummy orchestral music in one pass, he he.

    Is it worth is on its own? Not yet. I\'m just playing around. But once I do something serious that needs more poly/ports, it\'ll be nice. But only $50 to get GS3 Orch? That\'ll be a steal!

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    Re: I did the 96 -> 160 Upgrade

    Thanks for the heads up, John. I just upgraded as well. What I found was interesting was they didn\'t ask me for my cd key. Now I can jump on the \"ooh I can\'t wait for GS3\" bandwagon. I now also own every version of GS, 24,32,96, 160.

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    Re: I did the 96 -> 160 Upgrade

    Strange about the CD-Key. They definitely asked me for mine. I was glad that I had copied it down before I made the order, since I was away from my machine.

    Congratulations on the upgrade. Put them all in a blender and you get GS 312!

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    Re: I did the 96 -> 160 Upgrade

    You influenced my decision to go 160. Was not asked for a CD Key. If I get troubles, I got the rationale - Curse you Fairhurst, it\'s all your fault!
    ahh, to place blame or merely accuse, that is the question...


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    Re: I did the 96 -> 160 Upgrade

    Thanks for the tip, I am doing the same today.
    In preparation for the blessed event of GS3 allready shipping in early September ( ha,ha), I believe I\'ll have to send my presently used PC to do the lowly job of Internet, playng Solitair and my Flightsimulator, because P III and 713 speed, 560 RAm just will not run GS3 (?).
    This is my last upgrade of PC, so I wish to be right. Could you let me know if P IV, something like 2.5 Gig, 1.5 Gig ram and two Maxtor harddrives 40 Gig each and 7200 speed would be what you will, or allready, have?
    Hope you are doing fine...


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    Re: I did the 96 -> 160 Upgrade


    Just call me \"The Instigator\". [img]/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/cool.gif[/img]


    Your PC spec sounds fine. I\'ve got an AMD XP2400+ with 1.5 GB RAM and three 7,200 rpm Seagates. After I install GS3, I\'ll likely upgrade the processor to the fastest Athlon that I can justify. No reason to buy it today. Prices always seem to fall.

    Looking forward to June, er, September, er whenever.

    Good to hear from you. All the best.

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