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Topic: anyone heard of Steem?

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    anyone heard of Steem?

    I am keen to join your happy throng but I am not sure whether GPO will work on my setup. I wonder if anyone can advise me before I commit my hard-earned cash.

    I run my own sequencing software within Steem, a fine Atari ST emulator for Windows. Steem allows me to specify my MIDI connections from a Windows drop-down menu which lists all the hardware devices that Windows recognises as MIDI devices.

    When GPO is running, does windows recognise it as a MIDI \"device\", as it does my Midisport and Wavetable Synth? GG is not sure, so is there anyone out there with Steem who could test it, or even (dare I suggest it) be prepared to download Steem from http://steem.atari.st/download.htm and try for me?

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    Re: anyone heard of Steem?

    It should work within GPO Studio or as a stand alone. If you can\'t use it with Steem, you can always use the included applications. But as long as Steem recognizes midi out ports then you may be alright.

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    Re: anyone heard of Steem?

    I have been a long-time STEEM user and also still own and operate my old STE. There were many unique ST programs so I understand your interest in using it with GPO.

    I have not had good luck running it with GPO Studio or Bidule. What I would suggest is to use the STEEM programs to generate midi files and then import them into the included Cubasis VST to hear them under GPO. A better sequencer program like Cakewalk Home Studio 2004 or better still, SONAR would allow you to get the most from your Atari/STEEM generated midi files.

    I did use STEEM with my old Cakewalk ProAudio 9.03, connected to STEEM via the \'midiyoke\'. I have not tried doing this with SONAR and GPO.

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    Re: anyone heard of Steem?

    Thanks so much for your interest and help.

    My interest in steem is purely that I wrote my own sequencing

    software on Atari ST (it evolved by trial and error long before I

    had ever heard of Cubase, Cakewalk, mid etc). The file format is

    entirely my own concoction and I am sure totally non-standard. (It

    currently drives Roland & E-mu sample-based synths, and will

    accompany me and to a certain extent follow me when I play a solo

    part on the piano or WX5, which is what I mostly use it for). I

    lack a decent flute, and GPO strings sound quite tasty, and I

    thought might make a suitable addition to my electronic orchestra.

    From the blurb, GPO seems to use MIDI messages in a non-standard

    sort of way (e.g. controlling loudness with modulation instead of

    vol and velocity).This would be no problem for me since I could

    easily adapt my software as necessary...provided communication is


    It would be tremendously helpful if you could let me know if when

    GPO is running it appears in Steem\'s drop-down menu for MIDI

    devices (Options/Ports/Connect to/Midi Device/Output Device). If it

    does I think there\'s a good chance I might get it working.

    With best wishes

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    Re: anyone heard of Steem?

    Hi stephenjw,

    I got it working on my computer, I\'m using TOS 2.06 and it can see all GPO MIDI ports.
    I used GPO port 1 and I could get sound out of GPO studio.
    I hope this helps.

    Good luck,

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    Re: anyone heard of Steem?

    Fantastic, thank you so much that\'s really helpful

    Best wishes to all


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