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Topic: PDF Score Posted - String Quartet

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    PDF Score Posted - String Quartet


    I originally wrote this piece for a chamber orchestra (woodwinds and strings) and after a local violin major heard it, she asked if I would reorchestrate it for a string quartet, so that her quartet could perform it live!

    So, here\'s my stab in the dark, as I\'ve never written soley for strings before. I tried to get most of the coloring and emotion to remain intact...

    The original chamber orchestra version can be heard here:

    Sorry I haven\'t had the time to mock up the string quartet version yet for comparison... (finals at school are over tomorrow! - then I\'ll have a little more free time)

    Let me know what you guys think?

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    Re: PDF Score Posted - String Quartet

    a couple of things. Put more expressions: you forgot to write the expressions for the cello and viola part and also for the first and second violin you just put one \"mf\".
    Generally it\'s not enough. For example at the end I guess you want a piano or a pianissimo. You want a decrescendo or a crescendo in the volume at the end or in the middle part? did you consider to slow a little bit the tempo at the end?
    These are just a couple of things to consider.
    There are other things about the bows and so on but i think it\'s better for you to \"fix\" these things I mentioned and then start looking at the others.
    I would like also to suggest you to play it on overture (or the program you used) with GPO studio. Then you can hear when you want to slow down the volume of the tempo or if you want a crescendo and so on.
    GPO is so good that can help you a lot.
    Good luck for your finals!!

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