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Topic: Requesting a critique...

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    Requesting a critique...

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    I haven\'t been here for awhile since i have been to busy making music for a game. Well anyways please give me a critique on this piece since it is a cue for the game.


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    Re: Requesting a critique...

    Thanks for atleast trying Ernstinen, on that note I uploaded the Options Music theme for the game for a critique as well: http://www.northernsounds.net/useruploads/img40a9acc6d9fbb.mp3

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    Re: Requesting a critique...

    The first piece sounds very good, but it seems just a bit dry IMHO. The second piece is very beautiful. I really love the atmosphere you\'ve created here. You might see if you can use a couple of different cymbal crashes as they start to sound \"cookie-cutter\" after a few close repititions. If so, alternate them a bit to give me some more natural veriety. Also, you may try varying the flute that mirrors the piano a bit as it seems like it\'s in a little too perfect unison with the piano.

    Really good work, Adam! Keep it up!

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    Re: Requesting a critique...

    Thanks for the comments Brady, yeah I was thinking that I should vary the crashes also. The flute hmm, maybe I will make it start a 10th of a second behind the piano since I would imagine the piano can play alot faster.

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    Re: Requesting a critique...

    Very good! Now just put some reverb on that sucker, I can\'t stand to listen to it dry! Good reverb will really help the sound. What\'s the game you\'re working on?

    Good luck!

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    Re: Requesting a critique...

    Morning\'s Wrath, it\'s a small medieval action/adventure RPG for the pc.

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    Re: Requesting a critique...

    Ok I redid the \"Royal Entrance\" theme with reverb some extra notation and altering cymbal crashes. Give me your opinions.

    Thanks in advance,

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