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Topic: GPO Studio bug

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    GPO Studio bug

    Hi all,

    I have been working a little bit with GPO Studio, and I found that, at least when you don\'t have the GPO Samples in their default location on disk, GPO Studio is not able to find the samples unless searching the entire disk FOR EVERY INSTRUMENT in the template. As you can imagine this takes a significant amount of time even for modest player settings.

    Is this a known issue? Im I doing something wrong? If not, may I sugest the following:

    It would be useful in this context to be able to tell the Studio the root directory for the GPO Library, and make it search there in first instance (although I think you already have this stored in the Windows register). It would be useful as well, to make it remember this configuration for the next time you open the Studio, as it is unlikely that you have moved the library.



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    Re: GPO Studio bug


    This is a bug of the Kontakt Player, not GPO Studio.

    Upon saving, GPO Studio asks the Kontakt Player for the block
    of data it wishes to save (this a only a chunk of memory with
    no way for GPO Studio to know its content) and sends that block
    back to the Kontakt Player upon loading.

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    Re: GPO Studio bug


    So this is a known issue. Are there plans to solve this in an upcomming Kontakt player update? Or this is something we will have to deal with for a while.



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    Re: GPO Studio bug

    Ok, you can definitely call me stupid. There is an obvious workaround for the problem I stated above. You do only need to take your time to load each template, and re-save it again. All the templates are taken from the following directory on my machine, and are saved in standard *.gpo format.

    d:\\Program Files\\Garritan Personal Orchestra\\Studio\\templates

    Once you have done this work, every template will load as expected.

    P.S: By the way, I could not manage to get the manual search option running. The button simply appears disabled every time I get the \"unable to find sample\" prompt.



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