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Topic: Tuning loop based gigs

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    Tuning loop based gigs

    I\'ve got BG\'s Harmonica\'s which is a loop based sample library. I need to add harmonica to a song in B natural. I managed to get the giga editor open, but that\'s about as far as I got [img]/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif[/img]

    What am I up against here? Is there a \"giga editor for Dummies\" somewhere???

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    Re: Tuning loop based gigs


    Gigastudio\'s editor isn\'t the place to do this. That\'s really the job of an audio editor, like Wavelab/Sound Forge/Audition OR use your audio sequencer.

    Most audio sequencers now have a time stretch option, which will let you speed up or slow down the loop without changing pitch (going more than 15% usually starts to sound dodgy. Time stretch will also let you change the pitch of the loop without changing the tempo. Depends on what your doing.

    You can do it one sample at a time, or as a group. A group is much quicker.

    I know this sounds painful, but it\'s not really:

    1. Save the gig file under a new name, so your original isn\'t touched.
    2. Create a folder that you can use to experiment with your loops
    3. Open the the gig copy in the Giga editor
    4. Highlight all the samples, right click in the sample pool and choose \'export samples\'. When the browse folder come up, navigate to your experiments folder and send them there.
    5. At this point your copy gig is intact and you have a third copy of the samples in that experimental folder. Editing these won\'t affect the copy gig (you can do that, but it only works on a single wav edit at a time).
    6. Now you can close Gigastudio and open your wave editor/audio sequencer.
    From here the audio editing steps depend on the app. When you do your edits - keep the names the same. Once you\'re done...
    7. Open the copy gig in the editor again, Right click on the name of the folder in the sample pool which holds the wavs, and choose \'replace all in folder\'. This lets you locate your experiment folder and use all of its wavs to replace the ones in the gig file.
    8. Save, and you\'re done


    If your tempo isn\'t fixed, it\'s no a big deal to retune the loops, but they will change tempo. But if you already have the song up and a key set, my guess is that you don\'t want to bothe changing the tempo to match the harmonica loop [img]/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/wink.gif[/img]

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    Re: Tuning loop based gigs

    Hey, thanks. Your suggestion actually helped me figure out a shortcut. I use Cubase Sx time stretch all the time, but I could\'t figure out how to do it with Gigs. But instead of fooling around with the Giga editor, I merely imported the gig into Halion. Presto! Neat folders filled with wav files! No need to even load up Halion, I just import the wavs right into SX and transpose and stretch till my heart\'s content. Works like a charm.

    BTW, the SX stretch tool is one of the coolest features ever! You can deture without chaging tempo, and vice versa. I\'m sure most DAW\'s have this now, but the implementation in SX 2.02 is pretty slick.

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    Re: Tuning loop based gigs

    That\'s pretty cool - just let Halion do the folder mapping for you!

    One of the nicest things about the timestretch thing is grabbing one of those tracks off a sample CD (audio) where all the loops are the same tempo, but different lengths. You just work out what percentage one of the loops needs to change by, and then apply that to the whole track - once. It makes changing the tempo of odd fills and other stuff a no brainer.

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