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Topic: Last episode of Angel: a thanks to Robert Kral

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    Last episode of Angel: a thanks to Robert Kral

    Hey Everyone,

    In case you didn\'t know, last night (Wednesday, May 19th) was the final episode of Angel on the WB. They canceled the show after five great seasons, much to my dissmay.

    Anyway, the main reason that I was drawn to the show was the fantastic scores created by Christophe Beck (Buffy the Vampire Slayer) and Robert Kral (Sliders, Angel).

    I would like to take this opportunity to personally thank Mr. Kral for his outstanding work on every episode that he did (which I believe was the bulk of them.) His music added so much to the show. I can\'t begin to think what it would have been like without it.

    I am extremely excited about the rumored Angel Score Soundtrack albums. (\"You\'re a film score freak. Well, actually, I\'m a film score Super Freak, but I still need a CD player!!\") There are also rumors about a few movies of the week to tie up the story line next season. If this happens, hopefully Mr. Kral would get to write those as well. That would be cool.

    Mr. Garritan, I was thinking that maybe Mr. Kral could write a suite using the themes from Angel to put onto your web site, to promote GOS. Now that would be a great promotional point.

    Or, if Mr. Kral didn\'t have the time, maybe he wouldn\'t mind if I wrote one using GPO. Although, I don\'t know if I could do him or the music justice. (Plus, I\'m not sure I have all of the cool, errie sound effects that he used.)

    Oh well, I am just rambling because I\'m in shock (therapy!) about the end of the show. Once again, thanks Mr. Kral and I can\'t wait to see what you will sink your teeth into next. (No pun intended. Well, ok, maybe it was!) [img]/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/grin.gif[/img]

    Thanks for letting me ramble.


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    Re: Last episode of Angel: a thanks to Robert Kral

    Thanks Johnny, I appreciate the compliments!!

    Five years was a good run, but its still a shock to have the show cancelled. It was incredibly strange to write the music for the last moments and have it go out with that clash of Angel\'s sword ringing out....that\'s it it\'s over!!

    What do you write with so much happening and this incredible suspense and five years of story about to SUDDENLY end (that\'s my opinion: the ending was SUDDEN)...well, I wrote one single note and just carried it through, with every instrument doubling it.....a way of saying I\'m speechless.

    (Thankfully the producer absolutely loved it:: he felt like the orchestra was just holding it\'s breath through this finale moment).

    Anyway, I have produced many suites of music for the soundtrack album: There\'s Doyle\'s HERO suite, a DARLA suite, and a massive PYLEA suite, actually a collection of PYLEA suites, and much much more. It was a LOT of work so I hope the album goes ahead.

    We can\'t post any mp3\'s on the internet, according to Fox. If the album does NOT go ahead I will once again revisit the question with them of posting mp3s. I\'m hoping of course it goes ahead: it would be a nice way to wrap it all up in one place and have a musical product at the end of it. Of course there is always the DVD sets which are great, but you\'ll love the album: 70+ minutes of music!

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    Re: Last episode of Angel: a thanks to Robert Kral

    Wow, the man himself... By the way that was a good soundtrack.

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    Re: Last episode of Angel: a thanks to Robert Kral

    The scores for those two shows elevated them above the usual t.v. \'burlesque\' (okay, the scripting wasn\'t too bad either!).

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