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Topic: Music for a Drunken Goat anyone?

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    Music for a Drunken Goat anyone?

    This piece is a basic two-step that features violin. It was inspired by an image of a drunken got dancing up a storm.


    Please tell me what you think.



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    Re: Music for a Drunken Goat anyone?

    Hahahah! Look at that large demonic goat prancing around, eating everything that gets in it\'s way! Look out! Bwahahahah!

    This is funny, especially with a dancing goat in mind. Must have been an evil goat in mind, eh?

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    Re: Music for a Drunken Goat anyone?

    Hi Marko,

    how is it going?
    I love the violin lines and the harmonies you come up with.
    I find the rythm section a little rigid...
    Everything comes together when the violin comes in.


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    Re: Music for a Drunken Goat anyone?

    Marco you always entertain me. This thing cries out to have Tom Waits yowling his way through it! Once again unique! Nice work man.


    ps, I\'ll take forty bucks worth of whatever\'s in that plastic baggie [img]/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/cool.gif[/img]

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    Re: Music for a Drunken Goat anyone?


    Of course I had an evil goat in mind! An extremely evil goat named \'Zippy\'.


    I\'m all right. How are things with you?

    You are too kind. The rhythm is extremely stiff and stilted. This is partly from laziness and partly for the purpose of contrasting the rigid rhythm section to the the loose and playful violin. The solo contrabass starts with a sawing motion and a section of contrabasses follow. It is rigid indeed.

    How about this: The goat\'s initial dance is stiff and unexpressive until the magic elixir that he imbibed has its dramatic effect and sends him into an ecstatic dance. Then, the elixir wears off and the stiffness returns.


    Damn that goat. It got into my stash of B.C. gold again!

    Thanks for listening and commenting.


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    Re: Music for a Drunken Goat anyone?

    I liked it. Needs no apologetics. If the rhythm is stiff, what was the goat? Humorous, whimsical and delightful - all signs of intelligence and talent. Personally I would like a slightly elongated half tone , very slow tremolo (vibrato?) of the final vocal sound fading off. That old goat\'s gotta crash sometime.

    What did you use for strings? Just right.


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    Re: Music for a Drunken Goat anyone?

    Good work man!!!

    I like your writing ability!!!

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    Re: Music for a Drunken Goat anyone?


    Thanks for listening and thanks for your comments. I wish I had some more flexible choir samples so I could follow your suggestions.

    The strings are an amalgam of Garritan Orchestral Strings and Kirk Hunter solo strings. I used the cellos, violas, and contrabass sections from the GOS library and the solo violin and solo contrabass from the KH library.


    Thanks for listening.


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