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Topic: Best antivirus with a small footprint?

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    Best antivirus with a small footprint?

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    Is this possible? I don\'t know. This has probably been asked before, but what do you guys feel is the best anti-virus software with the smallest footprint. I hate Norton, and it takes up too much ram and cpu calculations when running. But I need it ever since my wife downloaded the mydoom virus I can\'t afford to be without it.

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    Re: Best antivirus with a small footprint?


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    Re: Best antivirus with a small footprint?

    In all my years of computing, I have never gotten a virus even though I have no anti-virus program monitoring my system (for the very reasons you mention).

    There are other ways which, hopefully, will help.

    I use Zone Alarm Pro (Firewall)
    Web Root\'s Window Washer, and (Spy Sweeper which I only activate when online otherwise it eats CPU). And ocassionally do a full scan once a week or so).
    I use System Suite 5 (that has the Trend Anti Virus) which I leave off. But I download the updates every week and do a full system scan.

    Zone Alarm provides e-mail protection as it renames potential harmfull files.

    The best practice is safe computing. But I think the Combination of SS5 and Zone Alarm is hard to beat IMO.

    Good Luck!


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    Re: Best antivirus with a small footprint?

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