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Topic: You get what you pay for...

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    You get what you pay for...

    Over the years I have been a gear whore. Always looking to buy the latest and greatest (or not so greatest as it turned out). Now I do it with soft synths and sample CD\'s. I just recently bought Vapor. Hey, it was only $100 and there had to be something good in there with over 2 gigs of sounds. There is, sort of. I suppose I would have been more thrilled with it if I didn\'t already own Atmosphere. Yes Atmosphere is 4 times the price but it sounds so very good. I always make the mistake of \"instant gratification\". Get a spare $100 bucks, find out what\'s out there for $100 and then blow the $100.

    From now on I am only going to buy quality, not quantity. I\'ve found that the instruments that have set me back the most, (Silver, Gold, Atmosphere, etc) are the ones I use the most. The problem with these synths is that once you buy it that\'s it. No 30 day money back garantee. On paper I drooled over the Proteus 2000, bought one, and then took it back because it sounded cold to my ears. (IMHO) I wish that soft synth companies would provide downloadable demos with limited sound sets (like Xphrase for example) This way you can play with the thing, kick the tires, and then really make up your mind whether or not it will be usable.

    Don\'t get me wrong, I need to spend some more time with Vapor, I\'m sure it\'s OK, but I really wish I had the $100. That\'s 1/3 of Trilogy!

    Just some food for thought.


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    Re: You get what you pay for...

    Hee hee...Anymore release date changes and we might have to rename GS3 to \"Vapor\"...but yeah, I hear ya. It\'s a very tricky scenario buying that which cannot be returned on blind faith. Sure we have demos, but that\'s hardly enough. You take someone who knows what they\'re doing and they can make a broomstick and a training bra sound like a string quartet. There\'s no substitute for having a little hands on experience with a product to see if it feels right before plunking down thousands of dollars. Yet we still don\'t have that kind of protection/buffer zone.

    To make matters worse, take something like the EW products or the Yellowtools stuff and it\'s not just the sounds you may or may not like. It\'s the interface! Kontakt may or may not play well with your system as some have begrudgingly pointed out, and it\'s user interface design looks like the Germans are intentinally getting back at us for WWII.

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