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Topic: New cue "AnyWednesday"

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    New cue \"AnyWednesday\"

    Apologies to those who\'ve seen this in the EWQL forum. I wasn\'t getting any responses so I decided to post here. [img]/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/frown.gif[/img]

    Can you tell me what\'s right and what\'s wrong?

    I\'m preparing some songs to enter into the Gold contest and would like some expert opinions.


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    Re: New cue \"AnyWednesday\"

    Rip away...the only way to improve. But thanks for the preface. Now if I can just get the Dana Point Symphony interested...

    I\'ve worked on this piece a lot. So, its easy to think that I can get away with some of that. Busted. I knew I was treading thin ice but I wanted those strings. My ears are not that great. Both in training and in the fact that they ring quite loudly all the time.

    I\'m going to work on it some more after I finish another one. I hope I can count on you to listen to another.


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    Re: New cue \"AnyWednesday\"

    I\'ve done some reprogramming. I\'m still learning which instruments are which and specifically which keyswitches do what.

    I found some legato programming for the string runs. I know I\'ve written some tough runs to do in midi.

    And I found the final Tbone part had not keyswitched back to full sustain from staccatto. So the big brass part at the end is there now and it was basically gone.

    The new one is at the same link.

    Can anyone give me some more specifics to fix?


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    Re: New cue \"AnyWednesday\"

    hey rj,
    here\'s a couple of things that came to mind. The very opening section had a master volume ramp sound to me. Meaning the way it swelled in sounded a tad overly automation created. The other thing that struck me was that the percussive elements (the tamborines and clickity clacks, how\'s that for orchestral nomenclature usage?) were a bit more \"up front\" than I would like. This is really evident when they drop away for the little section at the 2/3rd-ish area.

    Outside of these tiny quibbles, I like the piece a lot as a whole. good work man.
    Sharmy\'s right tho, it would be great to hear this played live. Maybe submit it to that contest... oh ... wait... [img]/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/ooo.gif[/img]


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